DEFECT ERROR: Error 5: Invalid Procedure Call or Argument


"Error 5: Invalid procedure call or argument"This error occurs when generating a report .

The error occurs when all of the following are true: Using Subtotal on Segment in the CatalogUsing Rounding Adjustments in the Row FormatThe Rounding adjustment row is referencing a row that links to the GLExporting to Formatted Excel or Excel.


This SMR has been fixed in R04670 Service Pack and subsequent Service Packs, please check our website ( for availability of Service Packs for your General Ledger. You may also sign up for automatic notification of Services on our website .


Open the row format associated with the catalog.On the Edit menu, select Rounding Adjustments.Change the Rounding adjustments row to a row code that does not have a link to GL (i.e. CAL or TOT row)Click OK.Save the row formatRegenerate the report.--OR--Clear theSubtotal on segment check box in the catalog. --OR-- Generate to an output other than Excel.



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