Database has Reached Maximum Size -245755


"Error: Database has reached maximum size -245755"This error occurs when a report is generated to the Report Server.


There is a corrupt field within the database that stores information about queued and scheduled reports.


ResolutionCompact the Queue Database. On the File menu, select Compact FRx Database and then select FRx Queue Database. Regenerate the report to the Report Server.If the above steps do not correct the problem, the database that stores the information should be rebuilt using the following steps: Close the FRx Queue Monitor application on the server. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the FRx Queue directory (usually the same as the SysData directory). Verify that the modified date for the FRxQue32.tpl is 02/09/2000 or later. If it is not, please contact your FRx support provider. Rename the existing FRxQue32.mdb file to FRxQue32.mdb.old. Start the Queue Monitor. This will recreate the FRxQue32.mdb from the template file.



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