Error 8900: No Chart of Account Information Available for This Company


"Error 8900: No Chart of Account Information Available for This Company"

This error occurs after starting FRx Designer and entering the database logon.


The Epicor iScala Database table, GL03xxxx, is not populated or is corrupt.


The iScala Account information is stored in several different tables in the iScala database. The Natural Account information is stored in the GL53xxxx table. iScala tables are designated with a CC = two digit Company Code, and YY designating the two digit year, for example, actual table name - GL060207. The GL03xxxx table contains all other segment information other than the Natural.
  1. The first 2 digits represent the Module: GL.
  2. The second 2 digits represent the table Type: '06' contains transactions, '03' contains the account information and '10' contains the periods and calendar year.
  3. The third 2 digits represent the Company: '02' is the company 'Fabrikam Works'.
  4. The fourth 2 digits represent the Year: '07' represents 2007.
    Actual Table name: GL060207
The account structure is built from the Natural in the GL 53xxxx table and then from the GL03xxxx (Segment/Dimension) table.
The error is referring to the 'Chart of Accounts' indicating the GL03xxxx table is either not populated or corrupt. The table will need to be rebuilt in the iScala Program. Note: Please contact your Epicor iScala Support Center for information regarding the resolution for this issue.



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