Error 70: Permission Denied


"Error 70: Permission denied" This error occurs when launching FRx on Windows 2000.


This error occurs on Windows 2000 machines after FRx is installed by the Administrator user. By default, the global group "Everyone" has both Read and Read & Execute permissions for DLL files in Windows 2000. However, after an FRx installation, several FRx files include only administrative users (the Administrator account, the Administrators group, and the System) in the Access Control List (ACL). When FRx is launched by a normal user, the program attempts to read these files and is denied access.The following FRx files (DLL's and other files) default to an ACL that denies normal users: duzactx.dll, dzactx.dll, ffrxratesmaintenance.dll, frxdax.dll, frxesscube.dll, frxlicsys.dll, frxlm32.dll, frxplatocube.dll, frxrepository.dll, frxrptadapt.dll, frxsystem.dll, frxutl32.dll, frxxml.dll, license.ocx, frxxmltag.xml, xmlolapdata.mdb.


ResolutionTo resolve this issue, follow the instructions below. Please note that these steps must be completed for any Windows 2000 machine that has FRx files installed. In a Fat Client/Typical setup, the process must be completed on each FRx workstation, whereas a Thin Client/Compact setup will only require the steps to be performed on the server. Install the FRx 6.0.84 (September 2001) or later service pack.OR Login as the local Administrator. Open a Command prompt. At the DOS prompt, enter the command line below. If necessary, the path in the last parameter should be changed to the path in which FRx was installed. cacls "<FRX directory>" /T /E /G Everyone:FFor example: cacls "C:\\Program Files\\FRx Financial Reporting" /T /E /G Everyone:F Press Enter. A list of files should scroll by rapidly. Once it finishes, close the Command prompt window. While still logged in as Administrator, launch FRx and set one of the demo companies (such as FW or FWC) as default. This step is necessary to prevent additional errors that might occur when FRx is launched by a normal user.FRx should now launch without error when logged in as any user.



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