Error 52 Bad File Name or Number


"Error 52 bad file name or number"This error occurs when generating a report in the Report Launcher.


The Import/Export path is incorrect in FRx Designer.


Open FRx Designer.On the Company menu, click Information and then click the Find button. Select the company for which you want to run the report and click OK. In the Import/Export Path box, type or select the proper directory.NOTE: This path identifies where FRx stores and searches for the DrillDown Viewer (.FRD, .FRV, and .FRZ), .XML, Microsoft Excel (.XLS), and Lotus 1-2-3 (.WK1) files. Save the updated information. Try generating the report in FRx Designer. If you receive the error message "invalid output file name," create a brand new catalog for the same report and run it again.Once you have run the report successfully in FRx Designer, you should be able to run the report through Report Launcher without error.



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