FRx Designer Cannot Locate FRx Engine


"FRx Designer cannot locate an FRx engine to verify or create special indexes"This error occurs after installing FRx to the server from a workstation and then launching FRx on the workstation.


FRx has been installed using a drive letter that is mapped to the root of the FRx directory.


FRx should be installed into a directory on the mapped drive or with UNC pathing.For example:A share called FRx is created on a server called Server. On a client workstation, drive R is mapped to FRx on the Server, then FRx is installed into R:\\. This should not be done.Using one of the above solutions, FRx would be installed into one of the following paths: R:\\FRx\\ (R: is still mapped to FRx on Server, but an FRx directory now exists within the FRx share). or\\\\Server\\FRx\\ (UNC pathing)



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