How to See New Book Codes in FRx Designer


How to get FRx Designer to pull in new book codes from a general ledger when they do not automatically show up after being entered in the GL.

More Information

In some situations when starting FRx Designer or generating reports, the GL index is not refreshed with new information from the general ledger. For each general ledger, FRx Designer retrieves data using a DirectLink DLL that has specific knowledge of where data are stored in the general ledger. Each DirectLink determines whether or not a GL index is up-to-date in different ways. Some DirectLinks allow FRx Designer to check a timestamp or number of records to determine if the GL index data is current. For other DirectLinks, FRx Designer simply rebuilds the index if the current GL index was built prior to the current date. And, for some systems, there is no way to determine whether or not information is current, so FRx Designer will rebuild the GL index each time it generates a report. These differences in how each DirectLink determines whether information is current or not can cause FRx Designer not to see the new book code(s) in your general ledger when you generate a report.

To immediately resolve this issue and not wait for the DirectLink to determine that the GL index needs to be refreshed, manually rebuild the GL index in FRx Designer. To do this click Build Local GL Index on the Admin menu.



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