How To Renumber Row Codes


How can I renumber row codes?

More Information

  1. Open the Row Format that you want to renumber.
  2. On the Edit menu, click Renumber Rows. The Renumber Rows dialog box opens.
  3. Type your selections in the boxes and click OK.
  4. The rows renumber based on your specifications.
TIP: You can renumber in row formats that combine row code numbers with row code labels. FRx will renumber row codes that begin with numbers (For example: 130, 246) and will skip renumbering of any row codes that begin with letters. (For example: INCOME_93, TP0693).

NOTE: When you renumber row codes, FRx automatically updates TOT and CAL references. (For example: If the range of rows in a TOT row is 100 to 160 and you renumbered starting with 90, the TOT range will be changed to start with 90 instead of 100.)



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