How to install Microsoft FRx DrillDown Viewer


Microsoft FRx DrillDown Viewer can be installed as a separate program so that users can view, print, export, save, and send reports created in FRx Report Designer. Install FRx DrillDown Viewer on each computer that requires this functionality and that does not have FRx Designer installed.Note: FRx DrillDown Viewer is installed with the local and the network Microsoft FRx installations.

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To install FRx DrillDown Viewer
  1. Insert the Microsoft FRx installation CD.
    The installation program starts automatically.
  2. In the Welcome to the Microsoft FRx Installation Browser dialog box, click Install Microsoft FRx.
  3. If your installation CD contains multiple language options for the installation, in the Choose Setup Language dialog box, select the appropriate language from the list, and then click Next.
  4. In the Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for FRx dialog box, clickNext.
  5. In the License Agreement dialog box, scroll through and read the license agreement, and then click Yes to accept the terms of the agreement.

    NOTE: If you do not accept the terms of the agreement, click No to exit the installation program. Contact your reseller to negotiate a license agreement that meets your needs.
  6. In the Installation Options dialog box, click Custom, and then click Next.
  7. In the Product Level: Enterprise dialog box, select the FRx DrillDown Viewer check box, and then click Next.
    NOTE: The options listed in this dialog box vary, depending on the product level that you purchased.
  8. In the Location of FRx DrillDown Viewer dialog box, do one of the following:
  9. Click Next to accept the default file location for the FRx DrillDown Viewer files.
  10. To select a different folder for the FRx DrillDown Viewer files, click Browse, browse to the appropriate location, and then click Next.
    NOTE: The default location for the FRx DrillDown Viewer files is C:\Program Files\FRx Software\Microsoft FRx 6.7 DrillDown Viewer.
  11. In the Select Program Folder dialog box, do one of the following:
  12. Click Next to accept the default name for the Microsoft FRx program folder.
  13. To set a different program folder name, type a new name in the Program Folder box, and then click Next.
    NOTE: The default program folder name is FRx 6.7.
  14. Review the installation settings in the Start Copying Files dialog box, and then do one of the following:
  15. Click Next to accept the settings for FRx DrillDown Viewer and begin the installation.
  16. If you need to change any settings, click Back, and then make the necessary modifications.
    NOTE: The Start Copying Files dialog box lists the type of installation that you selected, the components to install, file locations, and the program folder name.
  17. If any installation errors occur, review the messages in the Setup Status dialog box, and then click OK.
  18. In the InstallShield Wizard Complete dialog box, the following options are available:
  19. Yes, I want to view the Help Documentation check box-Select to view the Readme file, System Requirements and Installation Guidelines, and Microsoft® FRx® Report Designer Getting Started Guide.
  20. Create FRx shortcuts on the Desktop check box-Select to create shortcuts for the Microsoft FRx programs on your desktop.
  21. Click Finish to complete the installation process.



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