Invalid Control Parameters (DrillDown Compression)


"Invalid Control Parameters (DrillDown Compression)"This error occurs when generating a report to the DrillDown Viewer.


When FRx is installed, it installs version 3.00.15 of the DynaZIP DLLs (dzip32.dll and dunzip32.dll). If another application installs an earlier version of the DLLs, you may encounter this error.


Search the hard drive to determine if there are multiple versions of the DynaZIP DLLs (dzip32.dll and dunzip32.dll). If there are older versions, overwrite them with copies of the 3.00.15 DLLs. It is acceptable to overwrite the old DLLs, according to Inner Media (developer of DynaZIP), because each new version is backward compatible and will accept all calls used by the older versions.For more information about DLLs, see The Windows Process for Finding DLLs to Load into Memory.



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