Run-Time Error '429': ActiveX Component Can't Create Object


"Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object"This erroroccurs when attempting to launch FRx Report Wizard from a thin client FRx install after a service pack (R01670 or R02670) has been applied.


Some of the new features and functionality in FRx 6.7 require the Microsoft .NET Framework. By default, Windows security settings only allow .NET Framework components to be run from folders on the local computer.


A new script (FRxReg67.cmd) has been developed and is installed with the R03670 service pack and placed in the main FRx directory.After the service pack has been applied, this filemust beexecuted on each thin client computer. The script will add the strong names for both FRx and SyncFusion to the .NET Configuration, which will allow Report Wizard to run.



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