Sarbanes-Oxley FAQ

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What information does FRx use from the General Ledger and where is it stored?
Upon initially launching FRx Report Designer, an index file is built either on the local machine or server to hold information from either the general ledger or Financial Data Mart (FDM) This information typically includes Company (Name/ID), Calendar, Chart of Accounts structure (including descriptions).

Is account balance or transaction information retrieved during this process?
No account balance or transaction information is retrieved during this process.

What is this information used for?
The information stored in this index file is used to display details from selections made during the report design process.

How often is this index file updated/created?
The index file is recreated daily or on demand from within FRx Report Designer.

What happens when a report is generated?
During report generation, additional data may be retrieved from the general ledger or Financial Data Mart based on the selections made in the report design. For example, if a specific account like "1234" is requested in the report, that account balance and its related transactions are retrieved from the general ledger for display in the report. If a range of accounts like "1001 to 2000" is requested, all account balances and transactions within that range are returned. The entire range of accounts are returned even if they do not exist in the index file because FRx queries the general ledger or Financial Data Mart directly and not the index file at report runtime.

Can report information be modifed after a report has been generated?
If a report was generated to the FRx DrillDown Viewer format the information cannot be modified throughout the generation and subsequent distribution of the document.



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