Run-Time Error '450' or Run-Time Error '449'


In FRx 6.0 or later, the error displays as: "Runtime error '450': Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment."In FRx 5.5, the error displays as: "Run-time error '449': Argument not optional." The error occurs when attempting to add e-mail addresses from within a catalog (all versions) or tree (6.x only).


This error will only occur when both FRx 5.5 and FRx 6.x are installed on the same computer, and is caused by differences in the frxmsg32.dll file between the two versions.


E-mail functionality can only be used in one version of FRx at a time. When switching to the opposite version, that version's frxmsg32.dll file must be registered prior to using e-mail functionality. To use FRx 6.x e-mail functionality:Browse to the FRx 6.x directory using Windows Explorer.Locate and register the frxmsg32.dll file.
To use FRx 5.5 e-mail functionality: Browse to the FRx 5.5 directory using Windows Explorer. Locate and register the frxmsg32.dll file. See Registering DLL Files for more information.



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