There is Not Enough Space on the Disk OR Error 61: Disk Full


"There is not enough space on the disk." OR "Error 61: Disk full." This error occurs when building an index or when generating a report.


There is insufficient disk space on the drive used for the Windows Temp directory or the Optional Work Drive. These paths are usually the same, and typically exist on the C: drive. However, one or both paths may exist on a different drive.


To find the Windows Temp directory or the Optional Work Drive: Windows Temp Directory From the Desktop, right-click on My Computer, and then click Properties. Click the Advanced tab, and then click the Environment Variables button. Locate the TEMP variable in the User Variables section. The value listed is the Temp directory for the current user. Optional Work Drive From within FRx Designer, on the Admin menu, click Processing Options. On the screen that appears, the Optional Work Drive value is displayed on the right side. This path is typically the same as the Windows Temp Directory, but may be different if it was changed by the current user. Delete files to increase the available disk space on the drive(s) containing the directories mentioned above. Typically, the recommendation for any application is that a minimum of 10% of the total disk size should be free for temporary files and system usage.



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