What is the FRx Document Image Writer?

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The FRx Document Image Writer is a supporting component that is installed during the installation of FRx Report Manager. The FRx Document Image Writer is used by FRx Report Manager to create a single print job from multiple documents. It acts like a printer driver to fulfill the requirements to print with FRx Report Manager and is based on the Microsoft MODI driver (Microsoft Office Document Imaging Driver). For additional information regarding the Microsoft Office Document Imaging Driver (MODI) please reference the following Microsoft article:

About Microsoft Office Document Imagining:

The FRx Document Image Writer uses the following .dll files:
  1. atl.dll
  2. comctl32.dll
  3. msi.dll
  4. msimg32.dll
  5. msvcp60.dll
  6. ole32.dll
  7. oleacc.dll
  8. shell32.dll
  9. shlwapi.dll
  10. spoolss.dll
  11. winspool.drv
  12. ws2_32.dll
  13. FRxMdigraph.dll
  14. FRxMdimon.dll
  15. FRxMdippr.dll
  16. FRxMdiui.dll
  17. FRxMdivwctl.dll
  18. FRxMspcore.dll



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