Using Special Format Masks in FRx

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FRx provides basic formatting for amounts in the Catalog. (On the Report Options tab, click the Formatting.). Options include: Use ( ) for Negative Numbers, Display Commas in Amounts, Rounding, etc. You can override the amount formatting settings in the catalog for a particular row or column. For example, you want to round amounts to whole dollars in the catalog, but you have a calculated column that you want to display in percentages with two decimal points. In the column format for the percentage row, click the Special Format Mask row. Click the arrow to display the available masks and choose the #,##0.00%;(#,##0.00%) mask. This column will print with two decimal places and a percentage sign.
If you would like to display one row of numbers as percentages, include a special format mask for that row. In the Related Rates/Rows/Units column of the Row Format, enter something like this:
@150/@200 "0.00%;(0.00%)"
This format mask displays this row with two decimal points and a percent symbol. Negatives are displayed in parentheses.
There is no list for special format masks in Row Formats, but you can use the options available in the Column Layouts for ideas. Type your own special format mask directly in the Row Format or the Column Layout. Make sure to put a semicolon between the positive and negative display. Using a comma as a separator will cause an error.
NOTE: Format masks in the row format ALWAYS override those that are in the column layout. For example, if a column contains a format mask to show a percentage, but one row uses a different format mask to round to the nearest thousand, the row will take precedence, and that row will round to the nearest thousand in all columns.



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