Install and enable the MapPoint SQL Server add-in

This article also applies to Microsoft MapPoint 2010 and to Microsoft MapPoint Europe 2009.


You can use the MapPoint add-in for Microsoft SQL Server to view and to edit your SQL Server data on a MapPoint map. This article describes how to install and access the add-in. This add-in requires MapPoint 2009 or a later version.

More Information

Install the SQL Server add-in

  1. Visit the following Web site to download the MapPoint SQL add-in:Note See the "Notes" section for more information about this add-in. This includes how to learn whether a newer version is available.
  2. Click Run to begin immediate installation. Or click Save to save the file to your computer.
  3. After the add-in is installed, start MapPoint.
  4. On the MapPoint Tools menu, select MapPoint Add-In for SQL Server.

System requirements

  • A supported operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7)
    Important: This add-in runs only on 32-bit operating systems.
  • MapPoint 2009 or a later version of MapPoint
  • Access to data that is stored in SQL Server 2008 or in a later version of SQL Server

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