Register your Xbox console (EMEA)


This article tells you how to register your Xbox console by using the Xbox console management tool on

We ask you to register your console to learn your serial number and contact information. You only have to register your console once. After that, you'll be able to request a repair , check your warranty status , check the status of an existing repair , or cancel a repair request  at any time.

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To register your Xbox console

  1. In your Web browser, go to to find the status of your repair.

    Click Manage your console repair

  2. If you have a Microsoft account, click Sign in.

    If you do not have a Microsoft account, you will need to create one. You need a Microsoft account to use the Xbox console management tool, and we use your ID to keep track of your registered consoles and provide you with the best service.

    To create a Microsoft account
    1. Click get your Microsoft account now.
    2. You'll be asked to create a gamertag for your console and then to create a Microsoft account. Once your Microsoft account and gamertag are created, click Registration and Repair.

      Click Registration and Repair

  3. Sign in with your Microsoft account.

    Sign in with your Microsoft account

  4. On the Device Service Home page, click Register a new Device.

    Click Register a new Device

  5. On the Register a device page, enter the serial number of your console and provide all additional details, and then click Submit.

    Submit all your details

  6. On the Manage your device page, you will receive confirmation that your registration was completed successfully.

    The registration was completed successfully

    If you need to create a repair request, please see Create a repair request (EMEA) .

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