Cancel an existing repair (EMEA)


This article tells you how to check the status of a repair request by using the Xbox console management tool. You can find the console management tool on on the upper-right side of the home page.

If you've never used the console management tool before, the first step is to register your console. We ask you to register the console so we can learn your serial number and contact information. You only have to register your console once. After that, you'll be able to request a repair, check your warranty status, or check the status of an existing repair, at any time.

More Information

To cancel an existing repair

  1. In your Web browser, go to, and then click Manage your console repair.

    Click Manage your console repair

  2. Sign in, if you have not already done so.
  3. On the Device Service Home page, click the console for which you want to cancel the repair.

    Click your console

  4. On the Manage your device page, click Cancel Repair.

    Click Cancel Repair

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