How to generate a function reference document for RevoScaleR

Revolution R Enterprise includes extensive documentation and examples for the RevoScaleR package but does not include a reference manual for all RevoScaleR functions and their arguments. However, a PDF reference manual can be generated from the RevoScaleR package. To create the pdf document for Revolution R Enterprise 7.3 requires that LaTeX and pdflatex tools be installed.

On Windows, open a command prompt:
C:\> cd C:\Revolution\R-Enterprise-7.3\R-3.1.1\library

C:\> ..\bin\R CMD Rd2pdf RevoScaleR
On Linux:
# cd /usr/lib64/Revo-7.3/R-3.1.1/lib64/R/library

# R CMD Rd2pdf RevoScaleR
The new reference document, RevoScaleR.pdf, will be in the current directory.

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