Teradata: Client-side system requirements

If you want use the Teradata high-speed import function RxTeradata() or run analytics 'in-database' against tables stored in Teradata(use 'RxInTeradata()' compute context) you need to make sure that you install the following components from the Teradata TTU installer on your client machine:

Launch the installer and continue through the dialogs until the 'Setup Type' dialog appears. Select the 'Custom' installation type.

 Choose the following items from the list of installation options:
  • ODBC Driver for TeraData (this will cause 'Shared ICU Libraries for TeraData' and 'TeraData GSS Client' to also be selected
  • TeraData Parallel Transporter Stream (this will cause 'TeraData Parallel Transporter Base' and 'CLIv2' to be selected

Note that if you do not have the TPT components installed, you can still import data from Teradata, but you will only be able to use a standard ODBC connection and you will not be able to run any RevoScaleR analytics in-database.

The TTU installer can be downloaded for your specific version of Teradata from the Teradata support download site:


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