Revo R and Netezza


We have the R software now installed on a TF3, and Nick Rock (our R programmer) is experimenting with the code and trying to understand how to best interact with the Netezza databases. 

1. Do variables sometimes need to be cast in a different way for R to operate correctly, for example, converting from integer to floating point? 

2. How does R partition (and how can we tell R to partition) computations across different SPUs so things can execute in parallel? I don’t know if I have the right terminology here, but my understanding is that one of the key values of running R on Netezza is to accelerate processing by running certain functions in parallel. 


Customer needs to run Revolution R for Netezza to take advantage of the different SPUs available. May need to change variable types in R, as it lacks some of the data types available in Netezza.

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