Proxy Server Settings for Fieldone Sky On-Prem CRM


There is a list of Fieldone Sky features that needs to access the internet to be able to work properly. All these Fieldone Sky feature can't work behind a proxy server. 
 Update License Geo Coding
 Schedule Assistant Maps
 Routing Engine IVR & SMS
 Push Service 

Scenario: You import Fieldone Sky solution on an On-Prem Org. Then you update the license by applying the Registration email and login ID. After waiting for a while you get an pop up error stating the "Error Refreshing License: Unable to Connect to Remote Server"

A screenshot of the error.  

Research: Go to Settings -> Fieldone System Jobs and look for job # 151. Open this job and go through its details. It will provide details about why the licensing server "" couldn't be reached. It will also mention that there was no response from the licensing server.

This indicates that certain URLs need to be added to the exception list in the proxy server. All the Urls are mentioned below.

Provide all the below list of URLs to the client's network admin and ask them to add these URLs to the exception list

There is a list of Fieldone Sky functionality that can't work behind a proxy server.  if certain URL are not part of the exception list in the Proxy Server.

Server side Access
 Geocoding (Bing): 
 Schedule Assistant (MapQuest):,
 IVR & SMS (Twillio):
 Routing Engine:
 Licensing: (http & https)

8) Glympse:


Client Side Access:

1) Geocoding (Bing):             
2) GC & SA (Bing):          
3) SA (MapQuest):          
4) Push:          
5) Push (new):        

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