What are Resource Types?



When adding a new Resource to FieldOne Sky you must choose a Resource Type. Options include User, Crew, Service Center, Company Asset, Account, and Contact.

A screenshot of the Resources.

What are Resource Types?

At its simplest a Resource Type defines how the software views a Resource. One reason for this has to do with licensing. Resources related to Users consume licenses; either back office, mobile, or both. In contrast other Resource's, such as partners or sub contractors, may be related to Accounts or Contacts. This is because these Resources still need to be scheduled but do not consume licenses. Perhaps these types of Resources interact with your company through a portal or email.

A screenshot of the Resource types.

Resource Types and their Common Uses:

User: Member of your organization who requires a license (either back office or mobile)

Crew: The Resource that represents a collection of Resources. Scheduling to this Resource will schedule to all Resources listed under this one.

Service Center: Used for situation where clients are scheduled to this stationary Resource.

Company Asset: Generally a piece of equipment or vehicle that needs to be scheduled.

Account: Standard Account record typically used for partners and sub contractors

Contact: Standard Contact record typically used for partners and sub contractors

Tips & Tricks:

Resource Types are different from Resource Categories in that Resource Categories are how your company labels resources for organizational purposes. Examples are technicians, supervisors, operators, vehicles, heavy equipment etc.

Resource Types: How the Resource relates to the software

Resource Categories: How the Resource relates to your organization

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