How to upgrade BlueStripe Collector

Collectors can be upgraded by running the installation program for a newer version. For AIX, Linux and Solaris, execute the following scripts to start the upgrade. In windows, simply execute the EXE.

AIX: 'sh InstallBlueStripeCollector-AIX.bin'

Linux: 'sh InstallBlueStripeCollector-Linux.bin'

Solaris: 'sh InstallBlueStripeCollector-Solaris.bin'

Windows: 'InstallBlueStripeCollector-Windows.exe'

There are two upgrade options: Upgrade and Replace

Upgrade preserves configuration and storage files while installing to the same base
directory location.

Replace will not preserve configuration and storage files, but it can install into a new base
directory location.

If you would like to make configuration changes to the collector as part of the upgrade process, you can create a txt file containing the lines of config that you want to add, and then pass the file to the installer using the --config flag as follows:

sh InstallBlueStripeCollector-Solaris.bin --config adjustHeap.txt

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