IFilter alternative to the native SharePoint 2013 PDF parser


Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Search uses a built-in parser to process PDF files and make them searchable. This built-in PDF parser is coded to handle most PDF files. However, it might be unable to handle some.

To mitigate the possibility of a PDF parsing failure, SharePoint 2013 Search introduced a new feature in the July 2014 cumulative update that lets you bypass the built-in PDF parser and configure the use of an IFilter instead.

The following TechNet topic describes how to override the built-in PDF parser to use an IFilter:

Using an IFilter for PDF parsing will eventually help you to improve the PDF Parsing quality in SharePoint 2013 Search.

There are several PDF IFilter tools available, some free and some commercial. The following are among the most commonly used:

If you're experiencing PDF parsing issues when you use the SharePoint 2013 built-in PDF parser, we recommend that you try to use a PDF IFilter instead.

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Third-party information disclaimer

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