Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update is now available. This article describes the features, fixes, and other changes that were included in this update.

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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update Build Information

To determine whether your organization has this update applied, please check your Microsoft Dynamics Marketing build by clicking the "gear" icon in the upper-right corner of the application and choosing "About". The "Version" value listed on this page should be at or above 19.0.4638.0 and the "Database version" value listed on this page should be at or above

For the latest downloadable files related to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, please visit the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 - Resources for Download page.

New features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update

The update introduces the following features:
  • Mobile Marketing: Create powerful Short Message Service (SMS) text message campaigns as well as integrate SMS marketing in your multichannel campaigns. Dynamics Marketing will support both outbound and inbound SMS marketing in select markets. Configure inbound SMS campaigns with keywords to get opt-ins, maintain a database of opt-in and opt-out preferences of your marketing contacts, send outgoing promotional text messages to opted in contacts for SMS, and track performance of your campaigns. This feature is available in the U.S., U.K., Singapore, and Canada.
  • Expanded alerts: Dynamics Marketing can deliver automated email alerts to let you know about important internal events related to tasks, deadlines, activities, leads, events, and much more. In addition, you can subscribe to alerts related to contact interactions, such as website visits, email opens, email clicks, and landing page submissions. Previously, the contact-interaction alerts were limited to specific contact and entity pairs, such as "Tell me when Gary Hatley opens the Christmas 2015 Promotion email." But now you can create broader alert conditions in which either the contact or the entity can be a wildcard, such as "Tell me when Gary Hatley clicks any email message," or "Tell me when any contact submits the Newsletter Signup landing page."
  • Custom list selection for subscription centers: Subscription centers provide a way for contacts to opt in and opt out of your email mailing lists. Usually, a subscription center shows all static marketing lists that are flagged as subscription lists and also belong to the same company as the subscription center. You can still configure your centers this way, but now you can also customize the collection of lists shown on any subscription center by selecting from available lists.
  • Fix marketing email links even after sending: Did you ever send an email and immediately wish you could press undo? Usually it's too late, but with Dynamics Marketing you can now get partway there by editing the destination of any or all URLs included in your marketing emails—even after they have been sent and delivered. It works because all links in your marketing emails are redirected through Dynamics Marketing for tracking purposes. You can now open any delivered email message in Dynamics Marketing to view a list of links it includes, and even edit the URLs they redirect to.
  • View HTML generated by the graphical email editor: When you use the graphical email editor, you create your message using drag-and-drop layout elements and a rich text editor. But behind the scenes, you are actually generating HTML. If you want to inspect or copy the generated HTML, just click on the new View HTML Content top-level tab  while working in the graphical editor. 
  • Insert images directly into emails while using the HTML code editor: The best way to include graphics in your marketing emails is to add them from the Dynamics Marketing digital asset management system. This provides a central place for you to store, approve, and manage your images, while also introducing many performance improvements. Until now, it was somewhat difficult to use your digital assets together with emails authored using the HTML code editor, but now the editor features an Insert Image button  that lets you place image links directly from the digital asset management system into your code.
  • Multilanguage enhancements for marketing email and SMS messages: With Dynamics Marketing you can include personalized content, such as each recipient's name and other contact-record values, in your marketing emails and text messages. Though most contact fields (such as name and address) are not language dependent, others, such as salutation, can be. Category field values (which appear as drop-down lists on the contact form) can be defined in multiple languages, and you can now assign a language to each email or text message to make sure the correct language is used for any category values included in your messages. This includes custom contact fields. 
  • Expanded OData feeds: With the 2016 update, Dynamics Marketing continues to expand its selection of available OData feeds, which you can use to design custom analytic reports in Microsoft Excel with Power Query and/or Power BI for Office 365.
  • More Silverlight features replicated to HTML5: Previous versions of Dynamics Marketing relied on Microsoft Silverlight to provide the interface for its digital asset management features. However, Silverlight is being phased out, with many newer web browsers already discontinuing support for it. Therefore, we are in the process of replicating these features in HTML5, where they will be available for all web browsers.  An HTML5 version of the file browser was already included with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1.2, but Silverlight was still required to use the file-markup features and the library browser. These last two components are now available in HTML5 versions, so HTML5 is now the standard interface regardless of which web browser you use. Silverlight is only available on request.
  • More options for detecting duplicate and existing contacts: Keeping duplicate contacts out of your database is always good practice, as these can confuse users and also dilute lead scoring and result statistics. It is just as important to uniquely identify each contact to make sure the correct contact gets credit for his or her various interactions and engagement. But different organizations have different needs in this regard, so Dynamics Marketing provides a flexible system for identifying duplicate contacts, depending on whether you want to allow different contacts to share email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers (for SMS marketing). Duplicate detection based on mobile phone numbers is new and has been added to enhance support for mobile marketing.
  • Improved CRM connector: The Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets sales and marketing professionals work more closely and effectively while generating, nurturing, qualifying, and closing leads. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update introduces a variety of improvements for the Connector, including queue monitoring, per-entity initial synchronization statistics, automated CRM permission verification, disable/reset enhancements, a connector troubleshooting FAQ, and more.

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