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PRB: Error "Too many client tasks" When Using Jet

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When trying to use the database features of Visual Basic, you may receivethe error message "Too many client tasks." This occurs when more than 10applications running on the same machine try to use the Jet databaseengine.
The Jet database engine versions 1.1, 2.0, and 2.5 can only be used by 10client applications simultaneously on any one machine.
It is not possible to have more than 10 client applications making use ofthe 16-bit Jet database engine on one machine. If it is essential that asoftware system have more than 10 executables on the same machine withaccess to one or more databases, the system could be designed with one"server" exe accessing the database and multiple "client" programs makingrequests for data from this "server" via an inter-process communication(IPC) mechanism. For example, with Visual Basic version 4.0, this could beachieved using OLE automation.
This behavior is by design.

(This is not an issue with Jet 3.0 as used by Visual Basic 4.0 32-bit.)
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