What Is Microsoft Money Plus Sunset?

If you've been managing your finances with the help of Microsoft Money, you should be aware that Microsoft discontinued all online services and assisted support for all versions of Money on January 31, 2011. (Microsoft discontinued sales of Money on June 20, 2009.) If you're looking for an alternative program, Microsoft has made the Money Plus Sunset versions available as a replacement for the following expired programs: Microsoft Money Essentials, Microsoft Money Deluxe, Microsoft Money Premium, Microsoft Money Home, and Microsoft Money Business. For more information about Money Plus Sunset, refer to this article in the Microsoft Knowledge base: What Is Microsoft Money Plus Sunset?


The Microsoft Money Plus Sunset versions are replacements for expired versions of Microsoft Money Essentials, Deluxe, Premium and Home and Business.

More Information

Microsoft stopped selling Money on June 30, 2009. The last version (Money Plus, or Money 2008) required activation in order to be fully functional.

On Jan 31, 2011 all online services and assisted support for all versions of Money end.  All Money Plus users whose online services expiration date is on or after the Jan 31, 2011 date can continue to use their existing copy of Money Plus (or older versions Money) to retain online service until the Jan 31, 2011 date. Regardless of expiration date showing in product, all online services are subject to immediate discontinuation on Jan 31, 2011.

Money Plus Sunset is available in two versions:
  • Money Plus Deluxe Sunset – designed to replace Essentials, Deluxe and Premium
  • Money Plus Home & Business Sunset – designed to replace Home & Business

The versions of Microsoft Money Plus Sunset provide an alternative version of Money with the following:
  • No activation requirement. This version can be installed/reinstalled as needed without a requirement to activate.
  • No online services. This includes online quotes, bill payment, statement downloads initiated by Money, data sync with MSN Money, etc. If your financial institution provides OFX or QIF statement downloads, the Sunset versions will allow you to import those statements into your Money file.
  • Online Help is replaced with a local Help file.
  • No Assisted Support. Self Help and community support may continue to be available for a few more years.
  • File conversion from older versions of Money. The Money Plus Sunset versions will be able to open and convert Money Plus files and files from older versions of Money (e.g. Money 2006, Money 2007). The Money Plus Sunset version cannot convert files created by regional (non-US) versions of Money. Reference the following Microsoft KB article for more information:
    304254 - You receive "Money cannot open this file because it was created by an incompatible version" when you try to open Microsoft Money

Recommendations on Usage:
  • Download and save a copy of the Money Plus Sunset version. To do this, go to http://download.microsoft.com and search for “Money Plus Sunset” and then Save the download to a location on your system.
  • Install Money Plus Sunset from that saved copy. Note, that you should remove/uninstall older versions of Money first.
  • Start Money Plus Sunset and individually open any/all of your important Money data files.
  • If any of these files have a Windows Live ID associated to them, remove the Live ID by going to File – Password Manager. Assign a standard Money password if desired.
  • Contact your financial institution(s) to cancel any service for Microsoft Money (for which they may have charged you a fee). This could include statement download and/or online bill payment.
  • Look at your list of scheduled online bill payments (especially any Automatic Payments – Apay) to see about canceling them in Money before installing the Money Plus Sunset versions (and/or contact your bill payment provider/financial institution to cancel those bills and re-establish them under their direct online bill payment service).
  • Since online updates within Money Plus Sunset are not available, you can:
    • Update transactions in each of your accounts manually
    • If your financial institution provides OFX or QIF downloads, you can download those statements into Money.
    • To update investment quote manually, go to the Portfolio Manager and Update Prices – Update Prices Manually.
    • For Bill Payment, see if your financial institution provides a Bill Payment option.


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