Getting started with Microsoft Partner Sales Connect for ISVs


The Microsoft Partner Sales Connect site (Connect) enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to collaborate with Microsoft Sales, structure pipeline, and close deals quickly.

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Start Connect

1.     Start your browser of choice and go to 
2.     When prompted, enter your credentials. If your login fails, start a private browsing session and enter your credentials. If that fails, contact the support resource listed in the error message. 

Accept or decline deals from Microsoft
When a seller adds one or more of your products or services to a deal and sends it to you, it appears in Connect as a pending deal.  

1.     On the home page, select the Pending Deals tile.

Pending Deals

2.     Review the deal. The data is read-only until you accept. If you decline, it disappears.

Work on deals

1.     As the deal progresses, change the values in the CUSTOMER OUTCOME and EST. CLOSE DATE lists. 
2.     Use the Communication pane to Microsoft and the deal team members. 
3.     As needed, select Add Members to add Connect users from your company to the deal.
4.     As needed, go to the Products section, select Add, enter the name, quantity, and price of your product or service, then select Save.
5.     Depending on the outcome of the deal, select Close As Won or Close As Lost.   

Create deals
If your customers want to purchase Microsoft products or services in addition to yours, you can create a deal and notify your Partner Business Evangelists (PBE).

1.     On the home page, select ADD NEW DEAL, or from a list of deals, select Add.

Add New Deal

2.     On the Create New Deal page, complete the required fields (marked with a red asterisk). Add any information that supports co-selling, and then select Save.  For more information

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