Lista usterek usuniętych w dodatku Service Pack 1 dla systemu Windows 2000 (2 z 3)

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Ten artykuł jest drugim z serii trzech artykułów, zawierających podzielone na kategorie listy usterek, które zostały usunięte w dodatku Service Pack 1 dla systemu Windows 2000. Dodatki Service Pack są kumulatywne. Oznacza to, że usterki usunięte w jednym dodatku Service Pack są również usunięte w kolejnych dodatkach Service Pack. Kliknij numer Qxxxxxx, poprzedzający tytuł artykułu z opisem błędu i jego poprawki, aby wyświetlić ten artykuł. Aby uzyskać dodatkowe informacje, zobacz następujący artykuł z bazy wiedzy Microsoft Knowledge Base:
259524 Lista usterek usuniętych w dodatku Service Pack 1 dla systemu Windows 2000 (1 z 3)
269428 Lista usterek usuniętych w dodatku Service Pack 1 dla systemu Windows 2000 (3 z 3)
Aby uzyskać dodatkowe informacje, jak można zaopatrzyć się w dodatki Service Pack dla systemu Windows 2000, kliknij numer artykułu poniżej w celu wyświetlenia tego artykułu z bazy wiedzy Microsoft Knowledge Base:
260910 Jak uzyskać najnowszy dodatek Service Pack dla systemu Windows 2000
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262685 XADM: SMTP Causes Messages to Loop When You Move a Mailbox
262327 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Service Stops Unexpectedly
257217 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Service Stops Unexpectedly or Does Not Relay Correctly
253611 Rebuild of Corrupted NNTP Hash Table Does Not Work
253607 Windows 2000 NNTP Service Works Incorrectly with Exchange Server 2000 (RC1)
253606 Memory and Critical Section Leak in CExpire::GetExpireBlockProperties
253284 Large Number of Alias Domains Causes 550 Error for Valid Domains
257358 Cdosys.dll May Cause an Access Violation When the Mail Header Contains DBCS Characters


264344 Performance Monitor Counters Are Not Displayed Correctly
260938 Counters in System Monitor May Be Displayed Incorrectly If a Secondary Language Is Used
260936 SMTP Consumer May Not Send Critical Notification E-mail Messages
260921 Performance Counters Are Incorrectly Displayed in System Monitor with Windows 2000 Multilanguage Version

MDAC/Dostęp do danych

267307 INFO: MDAC 2.5 Service Pack 1 Is Included With Windows 2000 Service Pack 1
257953 FIX: "Rowset Cannot Be Loaded Because the Stream Is Invalid" Error Occurs When You Marshal an Array of Recordsets
254795 XADM: Collaboration Data Objects for Windows 2000 Stop Responding While Sending or Posting by Using Port
254669 ODBC Connection Leak with DAO 3.6
249221 FIX: XML Parser Error if Datetime Datatype in Nanoseconds
249175 BUG: Storing an ADO Recordset in GIT May Cause Access Violation
247488 ACC2000: Column Properties in Query May Disappear After You Run DAO Code or a Wizard


254295 FIX: Problems Encountered by the MSMQ Migration Tool
254294 FIX: MSMQ Logger Error Processing Causes Log Data Loss at Hardware Failures
254293 FIX: MSMQ Counters Cause Access Violation in Wbemtest
254292 FIX: MSMQ Client Always Broadcasts To Find a Server at Initialization
254290 FIX: MSMQ Transaction Commit May Stop Responding Under Stress
254289 FIX: MSMQ The "Allow Inheritance" Check Box Cannot Be Cleared
254287 BUG: When Microsoft Message Queuing Is Configured for Workgroup on a Windows 2000 Cluster, the Resource Fails to Come Online
254286 FIX: MSMQ Duplicate Recoverable Messages May Be Delivered
254284 FIX: MSMQ Uninstall May Not Remove All MSMQ Objects from the Active Directory
254283 FIX: MSMQ Transactional Messages May Be Lost
254218 FIX: MSMQ Performance Degrades as ADO Recordset Size Increases


268267 Dlc.sys Driver Returns Wrong Values After SAP Limit Is Reached
265830 Dial-Up Networking Idle Disconnect Setting Overrides Connection Manager Idle Disconnect Setting
262497 Network Connection Lost After Resuming from Hibernate
262423 File Transfer Protocol Client Receives Access Violation Error Message When It Sends ACCT Parameter to Server
262376 Computer Name Does Not Match the Windows 2000 Domain Name After Upgrade
261957 Network Load Balancing Temporarily Fails in a Switched Environment
261218 Windows 2000 TCP Does Not Pass Web Polygraph "msl_test" Test
261125 WINS Service Stops or Does Not Start and Event ID 4319 or 4165 Is Logged
260934 IIS Answers PASV Commands with Port Numbers in Sequential Order
260929 Cannot Enable Local Area Connection After Placing Computer in Hibernate Mode
260926 Routing and Remote Access Wizard for VPN Server Creates Non-Specific Input and Output Filters
260917 Add/Remove with Hungarian Input Locale Displays File Services for Macintosh Wrong
260915 Unbinding IPX from One Adapter Disables NetBIOS-IPX Binding for All Adapters
260888 Dial on Demand Routers Connect Intermittently When You Use Auto Configuration Addresses
260549 Using Asterisk for Preferred Server in NetWare Client Configuration Causes Dr. Watson Error Message in Services.exe
259728 Windows Hangs with Fragmented IP Datagrams
259593 WINS Resource Does Not Come Online After Cluster Failover
259591 Event Viewer Reports That IP Security Is Receiving Unencrypted Traffic
259148 Random "Access Violation" Error Messages in EnumProtocolsW() Under Stress
257991 FTP Service May Not Time Out Inactive Sessions
257986 Logon May Not Succeed After Rejoining a Windows 2000 Domain Using Netdom and an Explicit Organizational Unit
257949 Connectivity to IPSec Clients May Be Lost When You Enable Packet Filters on Server
257870 Malformed Print Request May Stop Windows 2000 TCP/IP Printing Service
257365 Cannot Access Files Copied over an Infrared Port
257355 LANDesk Client Program Cannot Detect 3Com EtherLink 90X Network Adapter
257309 XADM: Message Tracking for Two Exchange 2000 Server Virtual Machines on a Cluster Are Written to the Same Log
257304 Cannot Use NetMeeting to Participate in Microsoft Exchange Conferencing Online Meeting
257298 BUG: WNetUseConnection Returns ERROR_ALREADY_ASSIGNED on Windows 2000
257277 How to Enable WakeOnLAN Only for "Magic" Packet Pattern
255724 Performance Problems on Proxy Servers with over 5,000 Simultaneous Connections
255593 Packets May Be Dropped When A Very Large Number of Fragmented UDP Packets Are in Use
255569 Access Violation When Running the Network Identification Wizard
255494 Event 34001 Does Not Contain a Description String
255014 Performance Enhancements for Network Load Balancing
254728 IPSec Does Not Secure Kerberos Traffic Between Domain Controllers
254495 Error Message: Assertion Failure Datagram: Connection Mutex Problem
254387 WINS Export List Leaks Memory at 1 MB per Minute
254245 Demand Dial Filters Do Not Work When Network Address Translation Is Installed
254136 Only One Service Receives Traps If Multiple Services Issue SnmpMgrTrapListen()
253302 SNMP Traps Not Properly Received by Windows 2000
252818 DNS Name Resolution May Not Work for the FTP GUID
252676 MprAdminUserGetInfo() and MprAdminUserSetInfo() Return Error If User Name Contains Slash Character
252522 Cannot Transfer File Using IR to Computer Using "Roaming Desktop"
250502 Cannot Access Novell UNC Share When You Run a Program as a Service
246173 FTP Server Does Not Allow FTP Server-to-Server Connection
244539 Host Route Can Be Deleted if ICMP Fragmentation Is Needed


266072 FIX: Unintialized Memory Bug in Authoring Code
266071 FIX: JScript Garbage Collector Is in Inconsistent State When Many Cross-Thread Calls Are Made
265889 INFO: Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 Fix List for Microsoft VM
264346 Active Scripting Is Enabled By Default for Restricted Zones
262551 Windows 2000 Displays Diacritic Characters Incorrectly
262081 Farsi Characters Are Sorted Incorrectly
260951 Extended Characters Not Displayed Correctly in Query Session in Terminal Services
260942 Incorrect Short Date Format in Control Panel with Czech Regional Options Selected
260922 Windows 2000 Hungarian Displays Incorrect Default Time Zone
260360 FIX: Virtual Machine May Cause a Deadlock
258067 Users Unable to Log On Locally to Terminal Services Computer
257998 FIX: Using JDBC-ODBC Bridge Causes an Access Violation in Multithreaded Applications Under Stress
256854 Terminal Services OEM License Server Activation Does Not Validate PIN or Recognize License Server ID
256843 Access Violation May Occur in Termsrv.exe When You Are Using Time-Outs
256310 Disabled Volume Icon Reappears After Resuming Your Computer
255871 Cannot Open .evt Files Included in a Winrep .cab File
253562 FIX: Untrusted Code Can Access Files on End-User Systems
253147 System Monitor Problems When You Are Working with Large Log Files
252667 OEM Preinstallation with a Driver-Based Modem Uses Incorrect Path to the Modem.sys File


247574 Roaming Profiles and Internet Printing Are Incompatible Because Profiles Are Not Saved
260948 Tcpmon Deadlocks in Windows 2000 If SNMP Printers Do Not Respond
258069 "Stop 0xC2 BAD_POOL_CALLER" Error Message on Print Server
258061 Access Violation in Windows 2000 Print Spooler
257555 Windows 2000 Clients Generate Excessive Named Pipe Handles on Print Servers Under Certain Conditions
255824 Adobe FrameMaker Windows 2000 Update Causes "Digital Signature Unfound" Error Message
255496 Cannot Add Printer on Earlier Server if Windows 2000 Domain Name and NetBIOS Domain Names Are Different
252891 Adobe FrameMaker Cannot Save File as PDF or Print Separations
247408 Error Message or Spooler Hangs When You Pause or Resume Print Job
244938 Cannot Install Language Monitor-Based Printer Driver as a Power User
259524 Lista usterek usuniętych w dodatku Service Pack 1 dla systemu Windows 2000 (1 z 3)
269428 Lista usterek usuniętych w dodatku Service Pack 1 dla systemu Windows 2000 (3 z 3)

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Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

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