Lista usterek, które zostały usunięte w dodatku Service Pack 3 dla platformy Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0

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Ten artykuł zawiera informacje o usterkach, które zostały usunięte w dodatku Service Pack 3 (SP3) dla programu Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0. Dodatki Service Pack są kumulatywne. Dlatego każdy nowy dodatek Service Pack zawiera wszystkie poprawki zawarte w poprzednich dodatkach Service Pack. Na przykład nie jest konieczne instalowanie dodatku Service Pack 2 (SP2) dla programu .NET Framework przed zainstalowaniem dodatku Service Pack 3 (SP3) dla programu .NET Framework.

Aby uzyskać więcej informacji dotyczących dodatków Service Pack dla platformy .NET Framework, kliknij następujące numery artykułów w celu wyświetlenia tych artykułów z bazy wiedzy Microsoft Knowledge Base:
318836 INFO: Jak uzyskać najnowszy dodatek Service Pack dla programu .NET Framework
318785 Jak ustalić, które wersje architektury .NET Framework są zainstalowane i czy zastosowano dodatki Service Pack
899619 Installation of .NET Framework service packs does not complete if you first installed security update MS05-004
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.NET Framework 1.0 z dodatkiem Service Pack 3

318320 Error message when you submit .aspx page with SmartNav under SSL
321562 FIX: Role-based authentication fails for users who belong to many groups
322171 FIX: When you click a maximized MDI child window menu, the adjacent menu appears
322173 FIX: OnKeyUp event does not fire for WebBrowser control
323683 NTLM authentication is lost on every call
324479 FIX: ASP.NET SQL Server session state impersonation is lost under load
324488 Forms authentication and view state fail intermittently under heavy load
324547 FIX: Windows control that is hosted in Microsoft Internet Explorer leaks unmanaged resources
325329 FIX: Response.Redirect method permits newlines to be embedded in the URL that is passed to it
325663 FIX: Designer does not call IPerPropertyBrowsing::GetPredefinedStrings to update the Properties window
325799 FIX: Thread.CurrentPrincipal is NULL when you use remoting
326251 Composite ActiveX controls do not reactivate when focus is on the child control
326403 FIX: "Could not delete file" error message when you rebuild a solution in Visual Studio .NET 2002
327071 FIX: Qualified attributes in XML schemas do not serialize correctly
327132 FIX: PassportIdentity does not require secure PIN when security-enhanced authentication is requested
327256 FIX: Memory leak of permission objects in a managed heap
327523 Users can open Web pages without the correct NTFS permissions
327795 FIX: Repeatedly retrieving remote performance counters may fail with status 1450
328267 FIX: Aspnet_wp.exe is recycled because of a false deadlock
328534 FIX: "The XML file \\MyComputer\MyShare\Web.config could not be loaded" error message
328560 FIX: "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" error message when you try to deserialize data that has a value of Byte[0] in an application that was built on the .NET Framework 1.0
329250 FIX: Stronger credentials for processModel, identity, and sessionState
329519 FIX: Memory leak in semaphores and events
329658 FIX: You receive a "System.OverFlowException" error message when you call a method of a Component Object Model (COM) DLL from a Visual C# .NET program or a Visual Basic .NET program
329905 FIX: Your Windows application stops responding in the .NET Framework 1.0 on a Windows NT 4.0-based computer
329959 FIX: Requests Current and Requests in Application Queue performance monitor counters added in ASP.NET
330065 BUG: Incorrect results occur when a Web service returns an array of size 0
330469 FIX: ASP.NET health monitoring does not work on servers that are running many processes
330965 HttpWebRequest object does not use TLS 1.0 to send an Http request
331134 FIX: When you change the number of copies to be printed, only one copy prints
810178 FIX: Memory leak when throwing exceptions from nested exception blocks
810280 FIX: After an AppDomain unload, the ASP.NET worker process uses 100 percent of the CPU
810328 FIX: Hotfix 324735 causes ASPX pages to generate HTML that does not postback correctly on Pocket PC 2002
810852 FIX: The validating event on the user control does not fire as expected
811672 FIX: You receive an "Unhandled Exception" error message when you run an application that uses valid C code
811867 FIX: Wsdl.exe may generate an incorrect proxy
812280 FIX: EventLogEntry class may cause leaks in thread local storage and event ID 4199 event log entries
812399 FIX: "The view state is invalid for this page and might be corrupted" when the view state contains objects that have long decimals
812686 FIX: When you call the Response.ClearHeaders method in a custom HTTPmodule, extra characters are appended to the output
812832 ASP.NET configuration file processing ignores the code base hints that appear in the Machine.config file
813031 FIX: The LostFocus event is raised before the GotFocus event when you press the TAB key to change the focus to a ComboBox control in the .NET Framework 1.0
813105 FIX: .NET Framework implementation of IEnumConnections::Next causes the client application to stop responding
813350 FIX: "Category not found" error message when you run a new Visual Studio .NET application in a side-by-side environment
813354 FIX: You may notice a memory leak when you use the DateTimePicker control in the .NET Framework 1.0
813419 FIX: Common Language Runtime may not handle an unexpected process shutdown correctly
814206 FIX: Calling Server.Transfer skips execution of custom HTTP filters
814687 FIX: An orphaned critical section may cause the ASP.NET worker process to stop responding
814863 FIX: The FontConverter GDI object causes a memory leak in Visual Studio 2002
814970 FIX: The KeyDown event of a Simple style combo box is raised two times when you press the PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, UP ARROW, or DOWN ARROW key in the .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 2
815999 FIX: "FileNotFound" error message when you run a managed application under high stress
816829 FIX: When I/O thread processes a slow request, completions on named pipes between Inetinfo.exe and Aspnet_wp.exe are blocked
817618 FIX: Managed memory increases over time when you perform asynchronous network calls
817723 FIX: Menu items leak when added to a menu bar on a Windows form
817795 BUG: The ToolTip component may cause a memory leak when it is added to an child MDI form in Visual Studio .NET
818058 ASP.NET hotfix rollup
819450 FIX: Intermittent "Underlying connection was closed" error message when you call a Web service from ASP.NET
819692 FIX: "Underlying connection was closed" exception on long running method calls
820746 FIX: Some antivirus programs may cause Web applications to restart unexpectedly
821340 FIX: ASP.NET client SCRIPT elements do not contain a Type attribute
821544 FIX: The WSDL tool cannot generate a Web service proxy when the tool imports schema that includes multiple schema
821991 FIX: IEHost causes additional traffic on port 80 for sites that are hosted on other ports
822875 FIX: You notice an index out of bounds exception in the paint code of a Windows Forms DataGrid class when you compile an application
822923 FIX: The Regex class and the Match class may not correctly find matches for a regular expression
823202 FIX: Managed application that makes COM to COM+ calls may experience an access violation error
824286 FIX: Managed applications may experience long delays when you suspend the .NET runtime
824381 FIX: The build process stops responding when you build a Visual Basic .NET project in a large Web solution in Visual Studio .NET 2002
825031 FIX: You may receive an "IndexOutOfRangeException" error message when you use the SHIFT+UP ARROW key combination in a DataGrid control in Visual Studio .NET 2002
825076 The ASP.NET worker process stops responding because of a corrupted overlapped structure
825878 FIX: A Web client may stop responding for a longer time period than the time period that is specified in the timeout property while calling a method of the Web service
826116 FIX: The focus in a DataGrid object does not respond correctly when you press CTRL+TAB to change the focus in a .NET Framework 1.0 application
826915 FIX: Marshal.ReleaseComObject does not correctly release objects that implement the IDisposable interface
828219 The value of the maxconnection attribute in the Machine.config file does not apply to servers that only support HTTP 1.0
828394 The release version of a managed program may stop responding, and the CPU usage may increase to 100 percent in the .NET Framework 1.0
328811 FIX: The performance of a static synchronized method is slow in the .NET Framework 1.0
829393 BUG: You receive an "E_INVALIDARG" exception of type 0x80070057 when a ServicedComponent object is activated
830462 FIX: The focus on the datagrid unexpectedly moves out of the grid in Visual Studio .NET
831144 FIX: Divide-by-zero error in the .NET Framework 1.0
831382 FIX: ASP.NET returns a "NullReferenceException" error message when you use SQL Server Session state and you turn on the OutPutCaching feature
832183 The "Viewstate is invalid for this page" error message does not provide sufficient information to troubleshoot the issue
833602 An application domain cannot unload when you call a Web service with SSL
834053 FIX: You receive a "server application unavailable" error message in the Session_OnStart event of your application
834394 FIX: The debugger receives an invalid handle exception error message when you run AppVerifier on a program that was built on the .NET Framework 1.0
837362 FIX: "Out-of-process and SQL session state are not supported in this version of the OS" error message when you use the out-of-process session state mode with the .NET Framework 1.0 on Windows Server 2003, Web Edition
838093 FIX: A leak in the async handles and the server sockets occurs when the connection drops in an application that uses .NET Framework remoting
838964 FIX: You experience an InvalidOperationException error in an application that uses the Enterprise Instrumentation Framework
839046 FIX: A memory leak may occur when COM objects are passed as VARIANT in the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0
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321884 List of bigs fixed in Microsoft .NET Framework Service Pack 2
320011 FIX: System.InvalidOperationException if you use XslTransform in multithreaded scenario
329097 FIX: "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" error message when you deserialize an empty TimeSpan class in a DataSet collection in a .NET Framework application
330311 FIX: Slow performance when you use XmlValidatingReader
321542 FIX: DataSet.WriteXML outputs a decimal number as scientific notation and causes a System.FormatException exception in subsequent DataSet.ReadXML calls
839588 FIX: You receive a System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when you call the Read method from an XmlTextReader class in ASP.NET

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Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3

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