Information about the App Directory in Yammer


This article contains information about the App Directory in Yammer. It includes helpful tips about how to use the App Directory and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).



The Yammer App Directory provides an easy way for you and your coworkers to discover new business applications and install them in minutes.

Key features

The following table summarizes the key features of the App Directory.

App CarouselDisplays featured applications at the top of the App Directory.
Featured AppsDisplays featured applications that Yammer shares with you.
Apps Your Colleagues Are UsingDisplays applications that your coworkers are using, and lets you try these applications yourself.
My AppsDisplays the applications that you already installed.

How to use the App Directory

  • How to access the App Directory
    Sign in to Yammer. In the upper-left corner, click the ellipsis (...), and then select Apps from the drop-down menu.

    •A screen shot shows the Apps option highlighted on the drop-down menu
  • How to learn more about an application
    Next to a specific application, click Learn More to learn more about the application.

    Screen shot shows the Learn More button for the Windows Phone application
  • How to try an application
    Click Try It to install the application.

    Screen shot shows the Try it button for the application

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I access the App Directory?
A: You can access the App Directory by clicking Apps in the top navigation bar in Yammer. Or, you can go to the following Yammer website:
Q: Is there a charge for the applications in the App Directory?
A: There's no charge for installing any application in the App Directory. However, certain third-party applications may require a paid version or subscription . This information can be found on each application's page in the App Directory.

Q: I see only "Learn More" buttons and not Try It" buttons. How do I install applications?
A: If you see only Learn More buttons next to the applications in the App Directory, your network's administrator may have disabled third-party applications. We encourage you to let your administrator know that you want to try some applications that are available.

Q: What happens if I want to uninstall an application?
A: To uninstall an application, follow these steps:
  1. On the lower-left corner near your name, click the gear icon.
  2. Click Settings, and then click My applications.
  3. Next to the apps that you want to remove access from, click Revoke Access.
Q: I want to build an application to integrate my company's product with Yammer. How can I get started?
A: To find detailed instructions to help you get started with your Yammer integration, go to the following Yammer website:

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