"Operation Failed" Error Message When You Use DCPROMO to Create Replica Domain Controller


When you use DCPROMO to create a replica domain controller, you may receive the following error message:

The operation failed because: The directory service failed to replicate off changes made locally. The DSA operation is unable to proceed because of a DNS lookup failure.

The new replica domain controller is pointing to your internal network's Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003, based Domain Naming System (DNS) server for the preferred DNS server.


This behavior can occur when DNS on the preferred DNS server is not configured properly.


To resolve this issue, make sure that your local DNS server allows dynamic updates and supports Service Location (SRV) resource records.

More Information

In most situations, you should configure your own internal DNS servers, allowing you to administer DNS for your local network. After DNS is configured properly, you can set up DNS forwarders to point to an Internet service provider's (ISP) DNS servers for Internet name resolution.

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