Programs that are run from a network share on Terminal Services close or generate errors


Terminal Services users may see programs close or generate errors when another Terminal Services user logs out of the session.


This problem occurs because the network redirector only creates one file control block (FCB) for all user connections so that when the first user to open the files logs off, the other users lose their connections to files. This behavior occurs even though the reference count for those files indicates that more than one user is using the file.


To resolve this problem, follow the instructions in the "Resolution" and the "More Information" sections of the following article:
818528 Problems when more than one user accesses the same file through Terminal Services


To work around this problem, copy the program and data files to a local volume. If the program has hard-coded drive letters that typically go through mapped network drives, you can create those drives by using the subst command.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.

More Information

This problem typically occurs in database programs where the data or the program files, or both, reside on a network drive. If only the data files reside on the network, users generally receive an error message similar to the following one:

Disk or Network Error
If the program files reside on a network share, the program exits without warning, or it generates this error:

C0000006 : In Page I/O Error

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