Web Site Operator Capabilities and Limitations

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This article lists basic capabilities and limitations of a Web site operator.

More Information

A Web site operator can act as a Web site administrator and can change or reconfigure the Web site.

A Web site operator can set Web site access permissions, enable logging, change the default document or footer, set content expiration, and enable content ratings features.

A Web site operator is not permitted to change the identification of Web sites, configure the anonymous user name or password, throttle bandwidth, create virtual directories or change their paths, or change application isolation.

Web site operators have more limited privileges than Web site administrators. Web site operators are unable to remotely browse the file system, and therefore cannot set properties on directories and files unless a UNC path is used.

To fully administer a Web site, an account must be made an administrator on the Microsoft Windows NT or Microsoft Windows 2000 server.

To add an operator to the Web site, follow these steps:

  1. In the Internet Information Services snap-in, right-click the Web site and click Properties.
  2. On the Operators tab, under Web Site Operator, click Add. This opens the Add Users and Groups window.
  3. Either select a user or group from the Names list, or select another name list from the List Names From box.
  4. Select a member from a group of users by clicking Members and selecting the member from the window.
  5. Search for a user or group on a network by clicking Search.


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