Site mailbox isn't created in Exchange Online even though you added the Site Mailbox app to the site


You added the Site Mailbox app to a SharePoint Online site. However, the site mailbox isn't created in Exchange Online and you receive one of the following error messages:

  • Almost there!
    We're not quite done setting up your site mailbox. Please check back in a few minutes.

    X-OWA-Error: Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa2.Server.Core.OwaExplicitLogonException
    X-OWA-Version: <Version>
    X-FEServer: BY2PR09CA0038
    X-BEServer: CY1PR12MB0682
  • The site mailbox couldn't be provisioned.

    You can't connect SharePoint site "<URL>" with this site mailbox, because the SharePoint site is already connected with site mailbox <Mailbox>. A SharePoint site can only be connected with one site mailbox.
  • The site mailbox couldn't be provisioned.

    Your request couldn't be completed. Please try again in a few minutes.


To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the site, click Site Contents, click the upper-right corner of the Site Mailbox app, and then click Remove.

    Screen shot of the Site Contents page
  2. Download and install SharePoint Designer from
  3. Start SharePoint Designer.
  4. Click Open Site, and then type the URL or copy and paste the URL of the site. For example,
  5. If you're prompted, sign in.
  6. On the Ribbon, locate the Group tab, click Site Groups under Site Objects, and then click the <SiteName> <Owners> group. For example, click Widget2 Owners.
  7. Check to make sure that the user account of the admin is listed as a member of the group. If it isn't, click Add Users, and then add the account to the group.

    Scren shot of the page that lists the members of the group

    Note The individual user must be listed because groups that contain the admin don't work when you create a site mailbox.
  8. Repeat step 6 and step 7 for the <Site Name> Members group.
  9. Add the Site Mailbox app. Wait at least 30 minutes for the mailbox to be created. If the problem persists, go to step 10.
  10. Remove the Site Mailbox app.
  11. If you exited SharePoint Designer earlier, repeat step 3 to step 5.
  12. On the Site tab of the Ribbon, click Site Options.

    Screen shot of the Site Options page
  13. In the Site Options dialog box, click the Parameters tab, select the following entries, and then click Remove:

    • ExchangeTeamMailboxEmailAddress
    • ExchangeTeamMailboxSharePointUrl
    • ExchangeTeamMailboxSiteID
    • ExchangeTeamMailboxSiteCollectionUrl
  14. Exit SharePoint Designer.
  15. Confirm whether the site mailbox is created in Exchange Online. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Connect to Exchange Online by using remote PowerShell. For more info, see Connect to Exchange Online using remote PowerShell.
    2. Run the following command:
      Get-SiteMailbox | fl name,sharepointurl 
  16. If the site mailbox isn't created, do the following:

    1. Connect to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). For more information, see Connect to Azure AD section in the "Manage Azure AD using Windows PowerShell" topic.
    2. Run the following command to view users of the site mailbox:
      Get-MsolUser -SearchString "smo" 
    3. Locate the user account, and then run the following command to remove the user account so that the mailbox can be created:
      Remove-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName " 
      Click Yes to remove the account.
    4. Remove the account from the Recycle Bin. To do this, run the following command:
      Remove-MsolUser -Userprincipalname "" -RemoveFromRecycleBin 
  17. Add the Site Mailbox app to the site again. Wait 30 minutes for the mailbox to be created. When the mailbox is created, you see a message that resembles the following:

    The <MailboxName> site mailbox has been created.

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