Restore registry check points stop working after you restore a server cluster


After you restore the Cluster service on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000-based server cluster, the registry check pointing feature of Windows clustering may stop functioning.

Additionally, you may receive one of or all the following event messages in the System log of the Event Viewer:


This behavior may occur when you restore the Cluster service by using the -resetquorumlog parameter.


To resolve this behavior, reset the server cluster check points by using the Windows Server 2003 ClusterRecovery utility. To obtain this utility, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

More Information

In earlier versions of Windows server clusters, resetting the check points is more complex. With Windows Server 2003, the ClusterRecovery utility (ClusterRecovery.exe) restores the check points much faster. This utility is included with the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit and is also ported (backported) to Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. For additional information about how to use the ClusterRecovery tool to reset server cluster check points, view the ClusterRecovery.chm help file that is included with the ClusterRecovery.exe program.

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