How to access shadow copies that reside on a Windows Server 2003-based computer by using the Shadow Copy Client in Windows 2000 or in Windows XP


This article discusses how to access shadow copies that reside on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003-based computer by using the Shadow Copy Client component on either of the following installations:
  • A Microsoft Windows 2000-based client computer that is running Service Pack 3 (SP3) or later
  • A Microsoft Windows XP-based client computer

More Information

Shadow Copy Restore is a component of the intelligent file storage technologies in Windows Server 2003, and this component prevents data loss by creating and by storing shadow copies of files and of folders on your network at predetermined intervals.

To view a previous version of a file that was restored with Shadow Copy Restore, follow these steps:
  1. Locate the file on the network that you want to view a previous version of, right-click the file, and then click Properties.
  2. On the Previous Versions tab, click the version that you want to view, and then click View
  • If the Previous Versions tab does not appear in the Properties dialog box, the Shadow Copies of Shared Folders option might not be enabled on the file server. Shadow copies are copies of files that are located on the server and that appear as previous versions. Please contact your administrator for more information.
  • If there are no previous versions listed, the file has not changed since the oldest copy was taken.
  • Previous versions are read-only. You cannot make changes to the previous version of the file because the previous version exists on the server.
Important Before a client computer that is running a version of Windows that is earlier than Windows XP can access shadow copies, you must install the Shadow Copy Client on both the client and the server computer. Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) already includes the Shadow Copy Client.

To download the Shadow Copy Client, visit the following Microsoft Web site, and then download the ShadowCopyClient.msi file: On the client, the ShadowCopyClient.msi installer installs the software that clients must have to access shadow copies on a Windows Server 2003-based computer. On the server, the ShadowCopyClient.msi installer creates a registry key that permits pre-Windows XP clients to access shadow copies on that server. The following registry key is created on the server:
Note The server immediately picks up this new registry key, and you do not have to restart any services or restart the computer.

Note Windows 2000 clients require that the Shadowcopyclient.msi package be assigned in the Computer Configuration section of the policy object and the policy be assigned to the organizational unit for the targeted computers. If the packaged is set to be assigned through the User Configuration section of the policy object, or the policy is assigned to an organizational unit that contains the users only, the Shadowcopyclient.msi package will not completely install. You may see the package listed in Add Or Remove Programs, but no size is listed and the Previous Copies tab is unavailable on the client.

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