Transparent AutoShapes or transparency patterns do not print as expected in Office XP programs, in Office 2003 programs, and in 2007 Office programs


When you use a 2007 Microsoft Office program, a Microsoft Office 2003 program, or a Microsoft Office XP program to print a document that contains overlapping transparent AutoShapes or transparency patterns, the AutoShapes do not print the same way every time.

For example, when you print transparent AutoShapes that overlap, the printed output may:
  • Print a different way every time
  • Print differently from what appears on the screen
  • Print with no transparency for the overlapping sections of the AutoShapes


This behavior is by design.

By default, the transparent shape is rotated when it prints to prevent background shapes from disappearing and not printing.


To work around this behavior, copy the selected transparent objects as a group, and then paste the group as a picture or as a bitmap.

For example, click Paste Special on the Edit menu, and then either click Picture (Windows Metafile) or click Bitmap.

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