How to obtain the 64-bit version of the Visual C++ 7.1 libraries and build tools


The 64-bit version of the Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1 libraries and build tools package is not part of the Microsoft Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) that was last updated in February 2003. You can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to port your 32-bit code that uses the Visual C++ 7.1 libraries to the Visual C++ 8.0 libraries. The Visual C++ 8.0 libraries support 64-bit platforms.

The Visual C++ 7.1 libraries and build tools package will not be available in later versions of the Platform SDK.

More Information

The Platform SDK that is included with Visual Studio 2005 includes the 64-bit versions of the Visual C++ 6.0 libraries. These libraries include the following:
  • Microsoft Foundation Classes library (MFC)
  • Active Template Library (ATL)
  • C Runtime libraries (CRT)
The Platform SDK also includes compatible versions of the 64-bit build tools such as the compiler, the linker, and related tools. These libraries are for Intel Itanium (IA-64) architecture-based compilers.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Platform SDK Service Pack 1 (SP1) will contain the libraries for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) based compilers when this service pack is released. At the time that this article was published, only the beta version of the Windows Server 2003 Platform SDK SP1 was available.

For more information about how to port 32-bit code to Visual Studio 2005, visit the following Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site:

64-bit compiler and library versions that are available

February 2003 Platform SDKWindows Server 2003 Platform SDK SP1Visual Studio 2005
Compiler for AMD64Not Available14.014.0
Compiler for IA-6412.014.014.0
NotesVersion 14.0 of the compiler and tools contains all the conformance enhancements that are included in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. For more information about the Visual C++ compiler, visit the following MSDN Web site:Note Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition does not include the 64-bit Compiler Support (x64) or the 64-bit Compiler Support (Itanium).


For more information about Platform SDK tools, visit the following MSDN Web site:
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