You may receive a "0xC00D11CD" error message after you format the storage media of a media device in Windows Media Player 10


Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 includes a button in the "Sync" view. If you click this button, the storage media of a connected media device is formatted. If you choose a specific media device and then click this button, you are warned that formatting the device media will delete all information that is stored on the device. This is typical behavior.

After formatting, Windows Media Player 10 will try to read the device contents to verify that the format was successful. You do not receive an error message on devices that do not restart after the format finishes. However, if the device restarts after the format complete, you may receive the following error message:
0xC00D11CD - Windows Media Player encountered an unknown error.


This behavior occurs because Windows Media Player 10 cannot read the device or detect the device while the device is rebooting. This error message does not represent an actual device malfunction.


To resolve this behavior, wait until the device has restarted. Then, the device will appear again and you can use it in Windows Media Player 10.


This behavior is by design.

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