The initial volume may be set to the maximum level when you use Windows CE Terminal Services Client to start an RDP session to a remote system

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Sometimes, when you use Microsoft Windows CE Terminal Services Client (Cetsc.exe) to start an RDP session to a remote system, the initial volume may be set to the maximum level. When the Windows Logon .wav file is played, the volume may be very loud, especially if you use headphones. This behavior occurs only if the audio is redirected.


This behavior occurs because a new audio stream is opened. By default, the software mixer always initializes the volume variable (CWaveMixerStream.m_dwVolume) to 0xFFFFFFFF when a new audio stream is opened. This setting is the maximum level.

Note This default behavior may change in a later version of the product.



Only the volume control on the local Windows CE-based device affects the volume of the Windows Logon .wav file when you establish an RDP connection. To avoid this behavior, use one of the following methods:
  • In Control Panel on the remote system to which you are connecting, disable the Windows Logon sound . You may have to connect to the remote system one time to do this.
  • In Control Panel on the Windows CE-based device, use Volume Control to set the volume of the Windows CE client to a lower level before you log on to the remote system.


Warning Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method. These problems might require that you reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that these problems can be solved. Modify the registry at your own risk.

OEMs can avoid this behavior by specifying the initial volume through the registry on the Windows CE-based device. An OEM can set the initial volume by adding or modifying the following registry key:
"Volume"=dword:33333333 ; 0=off, 0xFFFFFFFF=maximum


This behavior is by design.

More Information

After you have established an RDP connection by using Windows CE Terminal Services Client, you can change the volume setting on the remote system for all other media files that you will play. To do this, use the volume control in the RDP session.

Note This volume control for the remote session does not control the initial volume of the Windows Logon .wav file.

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