List of the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Groove


This article describes the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Microsoft Office Groove 2007 and in Groove Virtual Office.

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General keyboard shortcuts

Groove supplies shortcuts for some menu items. These shortcuts vary by context. However, all the shortcuts follow Microsoft standards where appropriate.

For example, you can use CTRL+A in Groove to "select all," and you can use CTRL+P to print. For a full list of the available shortcuts for each tool, check your current menus or the Groove Help file.

Launchbar level keyboard shortcuts

Additionally, Groove supplies the following shortcuts at the Launchbar level:
  • ALT+ENTER: This shortcut opens the properties for a selected object.
  • F1: This shortcut displays context-sensitive help.
  • ALT+F4: This shortcut closes the Launchbar.
  • ALT+F6: This shortcut switches to the next window in the current view. For example, you can use this shortcut to switch from the Workspaces window to the Common Tasks window.
  • CTRL+TAB: This shortcut let you move forward through the tabs.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+TAB: This shortcut lets you move backward through the tabs.
Note In Groove 2007, CTRL+SHIFT+TAB is disabled in the Launchbar. Since the Launchbar has only two tabs, use CTRL+TAB instead.

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