FILE: VBUSC.EXE Provides Licensing for Discontinued Controls


VBUSC.EXE is a file that installs the Design-Time Licenses for ActiveX controls that shipped with earlier versions of Visual Basic, but are no longer supported and have been discontinued with the current version.

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Release Date: August 15, 2000

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FileName Size

The following controls are no longer supported by Microsoft Visual Basic:

ActiveX Control Name Filename
Desaware Animated Button Control ANIBTN32.OCX
Microhelp Gauge Control GAUGE32.OCX
Pinnacle-BPS Graph Control GRAPH32.EXE
Microsoft Grid Control GRID32.OCX
Microhelp Key State Control KEYSTA32.OCX
Microsoft Outline Control MSOUTL32.OCX
Outrider SpinButton Control SPIN32.OCX
Sheridan 3D Controls THREED32.OCX

The ActiveX controls listed above are no longer supported, but ship with the Professional and Enterprise Editions of Microsoft Visual Basic for backward compatibility when upgrading existing projects.

These controls do not ship with the Learning Edition of Microsoft Visual Basic.

For the Professional and Enterprise Editions, the controls are located on the installation CDs at the following locations:

Microsoft Visual Basic Edition Location
Professional 6.0 \Common\Tools\VB\Controls
Enterprise 6.0 \Common\Tools\VB\Controls
Visual Studio Professional 6.0 \Common\Tools\VB\Controls (CD2)
Visual Studio Enterprise 6.0 \Common\Tools\VB\Controls (CD3)
Each of these directories contain a README.TXT with instructions on how to install the controls for design-time use.

NOTE: Using the Learning Edition to upgrade a project developed in an earlier version of Microsoft Visual Basic might result in licensing problems for these controls.

The VBUSC.EXE installs the design-time licenses for the controls listed above if Visual Basic is detected on the computer.


For additional information, please see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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