Description of the Project Server 2010 hotfix package (pjsrvwfe-x-none.msp): June 28, 2011


This article describes the Microsoft Project Server 2010 issues that are fixed in the Project Server 2010 hotfix package that is dated June 28, 2011.


Issues that this hotfix package fixes

  • Assume that you edit a project plan through a Project Web App (PWA) site that is hosted in Microsoft Project Server 2010. When you try to calculate the project plan, you receive the following error message:

    An error occurred while scheduling the project. Try to schedule the project again in a moment. If the problem persists, contact your administrator.
    BUG #: 28671 (OfficeQFE)
  • No cancellation feedback message displays when you perform a cancel operation in a PWA site that is hosted on Project Server 2010.
    BUG #: 28722 (OfficeQFE)
  • Assume that you perform a cancel operation for the Project Publishing event, the Project Summary Publishing event, or the Project Updating Scheduling Project event in a project detail page (PDP) in Project Server 2010. In this situation, no cancellation notification message is displayed.
    BUG #: 28723 (OfficeQFE)
  • An exception occurs when you synchronize users from a domain that does not contain a Project Server 2010 server.
    BUG #: 28941 (OfficeQFE)
  • You cannot create timesheets when you migrate databases from Office Project Server 2007 to Project Server 2010.

    Note This issue occurs because the Project Name field is removed from the My Timesheet view when an Office Project Server 2007 instance is configured.
    BUG #: 28952 (OfficeQFE)
  • When you enable Single Entry Mode on a Project Server 2010 server, resources can remove themselves from a task through PWA even though they have added actual work to the task. Therefore, the approved actual work is deleted from the Project server.
    BUG #: 29003 (OfficeQFE)
  • You edit a project plan that contains a custom field in a project detail page in Project Server 2010. Additionally, the custom field includes a formula. You save and check in the project plan, and then you visit another page before the save and check in request is completed. In this situation, the project plan may remain in a checked-out state.
    BUG #: 29140 (OfficeQFE)
  • Assume that you try to approve a task that has a summary task as its predecessor or successor in Project Server 2010. When you preview the task’s status update in the Status Update Preview page, you receive the following error message:

    The view failed to load. Press OK to reload this view with the default settings. Press Cancel to select another view.
    BUG #: 29277 (OfficeQFE)
  • You cannot open multiple projects from the PWA that is hosted on a Project Server 2010 server when the list separator is not a comma.
    BUG #: 29283 (OfficeQFE)
  • The PSI returns incorrect results when lots of Project Server Interface (PSI) calls are sent to the ASMX interface in Project Server 2010.
    BUG #: 29285 (OfficeQFE)
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • You log on to the My Timesheets page through PWA.
    • You open an already approved timesheet in the My Timesheets page.
    • You recall your timesheet.
    • You change actual work on a task in the timesheet.
    • You add actual work to a nonworking administrative time category.
    • You save the timesheet, and then you submit it.
    • You open the project plan in a Project 2010 client after actual work is synchronized with the project plan.

    In this scenario, the actual work contour is incorrect. For example, a value that displayed as 0.5d before, now displays as 0.51d.
    BUG #: 29402 (OfficeQFE)
  • You cannot sort your assignments on the My Timesheet page in Project Server 2010.
    BUG #: 29515 (OfficeQFE)
  • When you log on to a project site through PWA, and then you try to view an issue that links to a deleted project task, you receive one of the following error messages:

    An error has occurred in the script on this page.

    An unexpected error has occurred.
    BUG #: 29773 (OfficeQFE)
  • When you enable the Use this field for matching generic resources option in PWA, the Roll down, unless manually specified optionin the Calculation for Assignment rows section is disabled unexpectedly.
    BUG #: 29778 (OfficeQFE)
  • Assume that you delete values in the Enterprise Custom Field (ECF) of a task through PWA. In this situation, any following update for the task cannot be saved. Additionally, there is no message that indicates the save operation failed.
    BUG #: 30109 (OfficeQFE)
  • The OnUpdatingScheduledProject event handler method that cancels updates for a project does not work in Project Server 2010.
    BUG #: 29537 (OfficeQFE)
  • Assume that you try to manage users on the Manage Users page in Project Server 2010. When you try to deactivate a user who is not listed on the first page, you receive an error message.
    BUG #: 29737 (OfficeQFE)
  • The NullRefrenceException exception may occur when you create a project by using the PSI in Project Server 2010.
    BUG #: 29551 (OfficeQFE)
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • A project manager accesses the Approval Center page by using PWA.
    • The project manager accepts task status updates from a team member.
    • The project manager verifies that the status update queue job is finished successfully.
    • The project manager opens the project plan, and then views the updated task status.

    In this scenario, the task status updates are not applied to the project plan.
    BUG #: 30266 (OfficeQFE)
  • Assume that you perform a cube building operation on a PWA site that uses Claims based authentication. In this situation, Windows NT accounts are not automatically added to the Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cube role.
    BUG #: 29888 (OfficeQFE)
  • The user delegation feature does not work for pages that directly call Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in a Claims based authentication PWA site.
    BUG #: 29951 (OfficeQFE)
  • When a status manager accepts updates for tasks in Project Server 2010, the status of the update job is listed as processing on the Manage Queue page and never finishes.
    BUG #: 29995 (OfficeQFE)
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • You enableSingle Entry Mode in a PWA site.
    • You create a delegation for a user.
    • You start a delegation session as the user’s delegation.
    • You create a timesheet, and then you save it.

    In this scenario, the user or you as the delegation cannot open the timesheet. Additionally, you receive the following error message:

    Timesheet has already been created by either the timesheet owner or a delegate. Refresh this page to get an up-to-date list of timesheets.
    BUG #: 29999 (OfficeQFE)
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • You create a user account in a PWA site.
    • You add the user account to a group that only has the permission to see a project's details, but not to open the project.
    • You use the account to log on to the PWA site to see the project’s details.

    In this scenario, you cannot see the projects details. Additionally, you receive the following error message:

    Error: Access Denied.
    BUG #: 30072 (OfficeQFE)
  • Consider the following scenario. You edit a project through PWA. The edit operation starts a server-side scheduling process. In this scenario, you cannot save the project successfully. Additionally, you receive the following error message in the Unified Logging Service (ULS) log:

    GeneralProject:ProjectSchedulingEngineException (9133). Details: id='9133' name='ProjectSchedulingEngineException' uid='a610edbc-b5ad-448b-8b35-3895e09441b8' exception='Microsoft.Office.Project.Scheduling.EventHorizonFinishException: Error in the application.
    BUG #: 30193 (OfficeQFE)


Hotfix information

A supported hotfix is available from Microsoft. However, this hotfix is intended to correct only the problems that are described in this article. Apply this hotfix only to systems that are experiencing the problems described in this article. This hotfix might receive additional testing. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, we recommend that you wait for the next software update that contains this hotfix.

If the hotfix is available for download, there is a "Hotfix download available" section at the top of this Knowledge Base article. If this section does not appear, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support to obtain the hotfix.

Note If additional issues occur or if any troubleshooting is required, you might have to create a separate service request. The usual support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for this specific hotfix. For a complete list of Microsoft Customer Service and Support telephone numbers or to create a separate service request, visit the following Microsoft website: Note The "Hotfix download available" form displays the languages for which the hotfix is available. If you do not see your language, it is because a hotfix is not available for that language.


To install this hotfix package, you must have Project Server 2010 installed.

Restart requirement

You may not have to restart the computer after you apply this hotfix.

Hotfix replacement information

This hotfix does not replace a previously released hotfix.

Registry information

To use one of the hotfixes in this package, you do not have to make any changes to the registry.

File information

This hotfix may not contain all the files that you must have to fully update a product to the latest build. This hotfix contains only the files that you must have to resolve the issues that are listed in this article.

The global version of this hotfix package uses a Microsoft Windows Installer package to install the hotfix package. The dates and the times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in the following table. When you view the file information, the date is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time item in Control Panel.

Download information

File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTime

Microsoft Windows Installer .msp file information

File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTime
Pjsrvwfe-x-none.mspNot Applicable11,204,60830-Jun-20113:12

After the hotfix is installed, the global version of this hotfix has the file attributes, or a later version of the file attributes, that are listed in the following table:

Pjsrvwfe-x-none.msp information
File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform
Addmodifyanalysis.aspx14.0.601562,76020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Addmodifycategory.aspx14.0.601541,28720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Addmodifydelegation.aspx14.0.601518,67520-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Addmodifydependency.aspx14.0.601519,73720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Addmodifydriver.aspx14.0.601516,97620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Addmodifygroup.aspx14.0.601535,86620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Addmodifyprioritization.aspx14.0.601525,46220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Addmodifytemplate.aspx14.0.601522,27220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Addmodifyuser.aspx14.0.6015145,82420-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Addtask.aspx14.0.601514,94020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Adfindgroup.aspx14.0.60154,03620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Admin.aspx14.0.60152,22820-Dec-201017:06Not Applicable
Admtime.aspx14.0.60158,73120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Adsyncerp.aspx14.0.601512,77020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Adsyncpsgroups.aspx14.0.60153,35220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Analyses.aspx14.0.60158,80120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Analysisprojectsdlg.aspx14.0.60156,68320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Approvalcommentdlg.aspx14.0.60154,89420-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Approvals.aspx14.0.60156,37820-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Approvaltask.aspx14.0.60155,99620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Backup.aspx14.0.60156,38320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Backupsched.aspx14.0.601514,26020-Dec-201017:06Not Applicable
Buildresplanteam.aspx14.0.60155,99120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Buildteam.aspx14.0.60157,97220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Calendarsmain.aspx14.0.601512,80220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Changeskipworkflow.aspx14.0.601518,61420-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Changeworkflow.aspx14.0.60155,29020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Closepdpdialog.aspx14.0.601513,43120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Commentdlg.aspx14.0.60151,09320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Comparedrivers.aspx14.0.601519,87320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Compareportfolioselectionscenarios.aspx14.0.60154,52020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Confirmpdpdeletion.aspx14.0.60156,33720-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Copycalendardlg.aspx14.0.60151,77220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Costconstraintanalysis.aspx14.0.601574,39720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Cpycfdlg.aspx14.0.60151,52120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Cpyltdlg.aspx14.0.60151,50920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Cpyvwdlg.aspx14.0.60151,72620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Createfy.aspx14.0.601511,22920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Createprojectworkspacedlg.aspx14.0.60158,53720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Createpwa.aspx14.0.601518,93820-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Cubeanalysisadmin.aspx14.0.60156,03220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Cubefieldselect.aspx14.0.601546,83720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Cubegenadmin.aspx14.0.601544,57620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Cubestatusdlg.aspx14.0.60156,19620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Customfilterdlg.aspx14.0.60151,43320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Customizefields.aspx14.0.601523,61120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Dataanalysisdeprecated.aspx14.0.601581020-Dec-201017:08Not Applicable
Datepickerdlg.aspx14.0.601511,03320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Dbcleanup.aspx14.0.601528,35620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Default.aspx14.0.60157,36420-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Delegate.aspx14.0.601513,16320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Details.aspx14.0.601530,68720-Dec-201017:07Not Applicable
Driverpriorities.aspx14.0.601520,37220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Drivers.aspx14.0.60156,46320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Editcustomfield.aspx14.0.60153,09620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Editcustomfield.aspx14.0.6105127,46318-May-201117:18Not Applicable
Editglobal.aspx14.0.60154,77220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Editlookuptable.aspx14.0.601564,66620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Editprojectpermissions.aspx14.0.601510,50920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Editresplanassignmentcf.aspx14.0.601519,12720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Editsiteaddressdlg.aspx14.0.60158,82620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Edittaskcf.aspx14.0.60154,12220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Enterpriseprojecttypedetails.aspx14.0.601536,33820-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Enterpriseprojecttypes.aspx14.0.60154,76320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Events.aspx14.0.60158,41120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Eventsaddmod.aspx14.0.601516,70520-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Exportgridexcel.aspx14.0.601568620-Dec-201017:07Not Applicable
Exporthtmlword.aspx14.0.601568520-Dec-201017:07Not Applicable
Fieldpickerdlg.aspx14.0.60202,80418-Feb-201103:36Not Applicable
Fiscalperiod.aspx14.0.601510,39120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Forcecheckin.aspx14.0.60153,82620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Ganttsettings.aspx14.0.601519,65820-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Groupbydlg.aspx14.0.60153,87820-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Groupsettings.aspx14.0.601519,04320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Import.aspx14.0.60156,95320-Dec-201017:08Not Applicable
Importwsslistdlg.aspx14.0.601562,27420-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Issuesandrisks.aspx14.0.60156,46220-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
License.aspx14.0.60153,56720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Lineclass.aspx14.0.60158,71020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Linkitemsdlg.aspx14.0.60153,77020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Linkitemspage.aspx14.0.60155,60420-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Loadnote.aspx14.0.601535220-Dec-201017:08Not Applicable
Locktask.aspx14.0.60158,53620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Managecategories.aspx14.0.61027,26327-Apr-201114:07Not Applicable
Managedelegations.aspx14.0.601522,11420-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Managegroups.aspx14.0.61027,06327-Apr-201114:07Not Applicable
Managepsiserviceapp.aspx14.0.60155,03320-Dec-201017:06Not Applicable
Managepwa.aspx14.0.60157,80020-Dec-201017:06Not Applicable
Managetemplates.aspx14.0.61027,33227-Apr-201114:07Not Applicable
Manageusers.aspx14.0.610211,56527-Apr-201114:07Not Applicable
Managewss.aspx14.0.601512,69720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Mgr_notification.aspx14.0.601512,19920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable,92020-Dec-201012:19x86,86420-Dec-201012:19x86,314,41620-Dec-201017:37x86,44020-Dec-201017:37x86,62402-Mar-201101:01x86,34420-Dec-201017:37x86,52820-Dec-201017:37x86,52020-Dec-201017:37x86,251,82429-Jun-201101:40x86,81620-Dec-201017:37x86,97620-Dec-201017:37x86,24820-Dec-201017:37x86,148,20820-Dec-201012:19x86,67220-Dec-201012:19x64,90420-Dec-201017:37x64,046,43216-Jun-201101:10x86,066,33608-Jun-201105:12x86,69620-Dec-201017:37x86,76820-Dec-201017:37Not Applicable,84020-Dec-201017:37x86,25620-Dec-201017:37x86,941,10418-May-201117:22x86,42420-Dec-201017:37x86,72820-Dec-201017:37x86,68020-Dec-201017:37x86,87220-Dec-201017:37x86,97620-Dec-201012:19x86,00020-Dec-201012:19x86,33608-Jun-201104:12x86
Modifymetricsconstraintscolumns.aspx14.0.60152,29620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Myjobs.aspx14.0.60156,29020-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Mytssummary.aspx14.0.601512,38120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Mywork.aspx14.0.60154,82820-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Notification.aspx14.0.601518,61420-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Orgpermissions.aspx14.0.60155,85620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Password.aspx14.0.60156,75320-Dec-201017:06Not Applicable
Periodcloseconfirmation.aspx14.0.60153,02320-Dec-201017:07Not Applicable
Personalsettings.aspx14.0.60153,79520-Dec-201017:06Not Applicable
Personaltaskdlg.aspx14.0.60153,16920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Pjpromptdlg.aspx14.0.60151,81920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable,70420-Dec-201017:37x86
Postimplementationreview.aspx14.0.60153,70820-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Prioritizations.aspx14.0.601510,91720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Projectdependencies.aspx14.0.60156,90520-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Projectdetails.aspx14.0.60153,64520-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Projectdrilldown.aspx14.0.60156,58220-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Projectinformation.aspx14.0.60153,65220-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Projectpermissions.aspx14.0.60156,03220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Projectpriorities.aspx14.0.60156,40920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Projectpriorityusingcustomfields.aspx14.0.60151,69420-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Projects.aspx14.0.60156,36120-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Projectstrategicimpact.aspx14.0.601520,21820-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Proposaldetails.aspx14.0.60153,69920-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Proposalschedule.aspx14.0.60153,70020-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Proposalstagestatus.aspx14.0.60153,70320-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Proposalsummary.aspx14.0.60153,69920-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Qstatuschecker.aspx14.0.601510,62920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Queue.aspx14.0.601516,31920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Queueerrortext.aspx14.0.60151,53120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Queuesettings.aspx14.0.601527,24820-Dec-201017:07Not Applicable
Reportcenterhome.aspx14.0.60151,24720-Dec-201017:08Not Applicable
Resavailability.aspx14.0.601510,28320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Resourceassignments.aspx14.0.60154,99120-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Resourceconstraintanalysis.aspx14.0.601566,43720-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Resourceconstraintreport.aspx14.0.601531,19420-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Resourceconstraintreportfilters.aspx14.0.60157,23120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Resourceconstraintreqavail.aspx14.0.601540,36920-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Resources.aspx14.0.60156,33420-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Respicker.aspx14.0.60204,60218-Feb-201103:36Not Applicable
Resplans.aspx14.0.601527,95320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Restore.aspx14.0.60157,98220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Reviewtsdetail.aspx14.0.60156,26720-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Rules.aspx14.0.60155,75120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Rulesaddmod.aspx14.0.601542,89420-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Savesolutiondlg.aspx14.0.60151,85420-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Schedule.aspx14.0.60153,79420-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Selectcustomfieldsforprojectpriorities.aspx14.0.60151,62620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Selecttaskdlg.aspx14.0.60158,76220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Self_notification.aspx14.0.601511,55020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Serverconfig.aspx14.0.601526,45920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Sitemap.aspx14.0.601511,73820-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Sitemapaddmod.aspx14.0.60158,74320-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Srarchive.aspx14.0.60154,98520-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Srhome.aspx14.0.601510,27620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Srmisc.aspx14.0.60153,16020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Srrequest.aspx14.0.601533,63920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Srresponseedit.aspx14.0.601522,02020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Srresponseview.aspx14.0.60153,63120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Srteam.aspx14.0.601517,38920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Statusapprovalshistory.aspx14.0.60153,32320-Dec-201017:08Not Applicable
Statusapprovalspreview.aspx14.0.60155,19420-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Statusing.aspx14.0.60158,97620-Dec-201017:07Not Applicable
Strategicimpact.aspx14.0.60153,65220-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Submittsdlg.aspx14.0.60154,42820-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Taskdetailsdialog.aspx14.0.60151,06920-Dec-201017:08Not Applicable
Tasks.aspx14.0.60156,30620-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Teamassignments.aspx14.0.60156,33920-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Timeoffdlg.aspx14.0.60154,70220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Timeperiod.aspx14.0.601521,10720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Timephasedgrid.aspx14.0.60151,77920-Dec-201017:08Not Applicable
Timesheet.aspx14.0.60156,32420-Dec-201017:09Not Applicable
Timesheethistory.aspx14.0.60154,42420-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Treepicker.aspx14.0.60152,65720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Tssettings.aspx14.0.601520,25820-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Updatesites.aspx14.0.601512,46220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Viewsaddmod.aspx14.0.601554,31520-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Viewsmain.aspx14.0.60156,68920-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Workflowphasedetails.aspx14.0.601513,55020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Workflowphases.aspx14.0.60157,69620-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Workflowsettings.aspx14.0.60157,76720-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Workflowstagedetails.aspx14.0.601536,91020-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Workflowstages.aspx14.0.60157,22120-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Workspaceprovisioningsettings.aspx14.0.601516,83220-Dec-201017:18Not Applicable
Wssnav.aspx14.0.60153,05320-Dec-201017:06Not Applicable


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