Visio 2013 crashes when a Visio 2013 ActiveX control is called multiple times in the same session


Assume that you add a Visio 2013 ActiveX control to a project in Microsoft Visual Studio. When the project calls the Visio 2013 ActiveX control multiple times in the same session, Microsoft Visio 2013 crashes.


This issue occurs because Visio 2013 does not support the release and recall of a Visio 2013 ActiveX control in the same session.


To work around this issue, configure the correct shutdown behavior for the Visio ActiveX control before the third party application that contains the Visio ActiveX control exits. To do this, set the following parameter to 1 in the Visio 2013 ActiveX control properties:

IDrawingControl:put_ShutdownBehavior(short newVal)

Note The default value for this parameter is 0. After you set the value of the parameter to 1, and then Visio 2013 exits, the Visio 2013 ActiveX control releases all Mos.dll resources one time. This workaround applies only to Visio 2013.

More Information

This issue also occurs in Visio 2010. When this issue occurs in Visio 2010, add a registry key named DisableMsoHeapInfo under the following registry path, and set the value of the registry key to 0x2:
This issue does not occur in Microsoft Office Visio 2007.

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