How to troubleshoot issues with the Lync mobile client


Users can download the Microsoft Lync mobile client for Windows Phone for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Users can use the client to connect to Lync Online if they are provisioned and have permissions for Mobility. This article describes how to troubleshoot some common issues that users may encounter when they use the Lync mobile client for Windows Phone. 

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Install the app

Users can download the Lync mobile client for Windows Phone for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Users should install the app directly to their device and use their user ID to sign in. 

If a user experiences issues when he or she downloads or installs the Lync mobile client, have the user change the connection type from 3G to Wi-Fi or from Wi-Fi to 3G. Then, have the user try to download again. If the user still cannot install the client, he or she should contact the cellular service provider or Windows Marketplace Support.

requirements for Windows Phone

When users sign in to the Lync mobile app, the sign-in information that they must provide to successfully authenticate has the following dependency:
  • Whether a user's Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) address is the same as the user's user principal name (UPN).
The following table describes the sign-in fields that are required for Windows Phone users.

SIP address and UPN Required fields
SIP address and UPN are the same Sign-in address: SIP address
User name: Blank
Password: Password
SIP address and UPN are different Sign-in address: SIP address
User name: UPN or domain\username
Password: Password
Note The Sign-in address and Password fields are displayed on the sign-in screen. To access the User name, Domain, Internal discovery address, and External discovery address fields, select Server Settings on the sign-in screen.

Troubleshoot Auto-Detect

The Lync mobile client for Windows Phone looks for different DNS records than does the Lync desktop client. For the Auto-Detect process to discover the correct Lync Online service, a CNAME record that meets the following criteria must be created for the SIP domain that is being used. 

Alias Domain Value
To troubleshoot, use one or more of the following methods, as appropriate for your situation:
  • Use the nslookup command and a public DNS server to determine whether the DNS CNAME record is set up correctly.
  • If the user has the option, have the user switch between Wi-Fi and 3G to determine whether the issue can be scoped to one kind of connection. If sign-in continues to fail on a 3G data connection even though the CNAME DNS records are set up, the issue may be with the cellular service provider's data connection. 
  • The user receives the following error message:
    Cannot connect to the server. It might be unavailable. Also please check your network connection, sign-in address and server addresses.
    This error message usually indicates one of the following conditions:
    • A DNS lookup issue exists.
    • The Auto-Detect CNAME records are set up incorrectly or are not set up at all.
  • The user receives the following error message when the user tries to sign in:
    Can't sign in. Please check your account information and try again.
    This error message indicates one of the following conditions:
    • The Lync mobile client for Windows Phone can discover the correct Lync Online server. However, it cannot find the sign-in address that was entered by the user.
    • The password is incorrect.

Proxy setup

The Lync mobile client for Windows Phone can use integrated processes or a specifically named server to connect to Lync over authenticating proxies. Therefore, if there are any problems when you connect to Lync Online over a corporate Wi-Fi network by using an authenticating proxy, you should make sure that the following conditions are true: 
  • The phone can browse other internal and external websites.
  • The correct credentials are entered to authenticate with the proxy.

Join meetings from the Windows Phone calendar

To join scheduled online meetings from Windows Phone, open the calendar, and then view the details of the Lync Online meeting. When the user clicks the link to join the meeting, the Lync mobile client opens. 

If there is no dial-in capability for the conference, the user cannot join the conference when he or she clicks Join. Additionally, the user may also receive the following error message:
A server error occurred. Please contact your support team.

Sending logs

When users experience an issue with the Lync 2010 mobile client for Windows Phone 7, they can send logs by email to the technical support engineer. To do this, users should set Diagnostic Logging to On on the Settings page and then click Send Diagnostic Logs on the About screen. An image file is saved to the users' photo library that contains the log files for Lync Mobile in a format that Windows Phone 7 can save and send. An email message is automatically generated without log files attached. Therefore, make sure that users attach the newest picture in their photo library to the email message. Then, users should enter an email address to send the logs to and then send the logs to their IT Administrator or directly to the support engineer. 

Note Make sure that Diagnostic Logging is set to On before you try to reproduce the issue and send logs.

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