Error 80048888 when Windows Phone 8 tries to connect by using ActiveSync


A Windows Phone 8 user experiences connection problems when Exchange ActiveSync is used for synchronization. Specifically, the user receives an error message that resembles the following: 

Error code: 80048888

There is a problem with the certification for Contact a support person or your service provider. Last tried 2 seconds ago.


This issue occurs if, at the time the Exchange ActiveSync profile was created, the user accepted an "untrusted certificate" prompt similar to the following:
The certificate from is not trusted by your phone and is invalid. Security certificate 
problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you share with the server.

We recommend you do not continue to connect to this server.

Do you want to continue syncing information anyway?


This behavior is by design.

Accepting the untrusted certificate allows the client to establish an SSL session based on the Thumbprint of the server certificate. Updating the server certificate changes the Thumbprint, and this causes the connectivity failure.

To work around this issue, perform a hard reset of the profile on the Windows 8 mobile device, or reconfigure the ActiveSync profile for the user.

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