Partner Membership Center Overview


Partner Membership Center (PMC) is a web-based enrollment system for the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). Individuals associated to the organization will also use the PMC to manage their membership and associated benefits.

Individuals need an associated Microsoft account (formerly named Windows Live ID) to access the PMC. If you are an individual attempting to access the PMC for the first time, you will be required to associate to the membership of your organization. If your organization is not yet enrolled in MPN, you will have the opportunity to complete that process.

More Information

To access and navigate the PMC,

1. Begin at the Partner Network portal located at

2. If the page is being accessed for the first time (or cookies have been deleted), you will be prompted to select your location.

3. Sign in using the Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) associated with the membership.

4. If you started from a Partner Network portal page, first select the Welcome [name] link from the upper-right of the page and then the Manage Account link.

5. If the Microsoft account used is associated to multiple Organizations, you will need to select one by clicking on the organization name.

You are now in the PMC. The view and the options available will vary depending on the administration rights of the individual account that is signed in.


If the individual singed in to the PMC has Global Administrator or Location Administrator rights, the PMC Home page is displayed. Note in the screenshot below that this page includes a black menu bar with various options to access other areas of the PMC.

If the signed-in individual does not have administration rights, the Individual Account Home is displayed. Note in the screenshot below the black menu bar is missing. The options relate only to the individual:

  • Edit Profile
  • Review MCP and Certifications
  • Review Privileges
  • Associate to Another Organization
  • Enroll New Organization

Navigating the Menu

Note that this section provides an overview of the black menu bar at the top of the PMC that is available only to Global Administrators or Location Administrators.

Home menu

The home page allows you to view anniversary dates and enrollment statuses of competencies, subscriptions, and programs. You will also be able to view messages, and if your enrollment period is within 90 days prior to the next Anniversary Date, you will have access to the enrollment Renew button.

Membership Status menu

From this menu you have the option to navigate back to the Home page, re-enroll if you are within 90 days prior to your Anniversary Date, or access the Partner Dashboard.

Requirements & Assets menu

From this menu, you have drop-down options available to manage people associated with the membership (manage MCPs, assign Contact Roles, and so on), manage competencies, and manage Solution Profile.

Organization Information menu

From the Organization Information menu, you have drop-down menu options to Manage Organization Profile and Manage Locations. From these pages, you can update the profiles of Organizations and Locations, add or remove Locations, manage the hierarchy of Locations, and request an Organization merge.

Orders & Benefits menu

The Orders & Benefits menu offers many options.

  • New Orders: Competency enrollment/re-enrollment can be initiated from this page. Additional program benefits for a location (e.g., Additional Benefits Toolkit, Additional Branch Plaque) can also be purchased from this page.
  • Review Program Purchases: Review previous purchase details, including competency enrollments.
  • Review Software Benefits: Lists the orders for the current enrollment year that provided software media benefits (both online and physical) e.g., Gold Competency Reenrollment Fees, Physical Media DVD.
  • Review Shipping History: Lists orders that have shipped, in process and scheduled to ship.
  • View License Keys: Lists license keys to be use with the software located in the Download Software page of the PMC.
  • Microsoft Action Pack Solution Provider Summary: Summary of Action Pack subscription status for current enrollment and re-enrollment.
  • Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Summary: Summary of Action Pack subscription status for current enrollment and re-enrollment.
  • Small Business Specialist Community Summary: Summary of status of Small Business Specialist Community current enrollment and re-enrollment.
  • View License Statement: View an overview of the specific licenses granted to the organization. This option will not be available unless the membership is entitled to licenses distributed via the PMC.
  • Download Software: Download internal-use software. Note that Testing and Development and Evaluation software is not accessed from this page but instead from MSDN/TechNet. This option will not be available unless the membership is entitled to licenses distributed via the PMC.
Administration menu

All of options in the Administration menu relate to the personal information of the individual accessing the PMC. Each Associated Individual can view only their own personal information on these pages. They cannot view the personal information of others, regardless of contact roles or administrative rights.

  • Manage Program E-mails: Global and Location Administrators are opted-in to email communications regarding their organization's status in MPN.
  • Manage Your Organizations: From this page, the user can view and manage of the memberships that they are associated as an administered based on the Microsoft account which they are currently signed in with. They can also enroll a new organization or access their Individual Account page from this page.
  • Your Individual Account Page: This page allows the individual to view their rights, roles and privileges for each Organization that they are associate to. Tabs are listed for the individual's association to Organizations, MCP and Certifications, General Privileges, and MSDN Subscriptions, if available.
  • Manage Your Individual Profile: This page allows an individual to edit the Individual Profile that they submitted when associating to the membership. This profile includes the option to enter an MCP ID.
Partner Network Agreement 

A link to the Partner Network Agreement that the selected organization signed is available at the bottom of each page of the PMC.


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